Lag issues (Update 8/27/17 15:05 PM)

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  • How do you guys measure this? Because it's clearly not by actually testing. Lag and disconnects for hours now. Guild members losing expensive items because of lag is not a good thing. We all quit for the night because we lost about 3 million in gear combined. Not terribly expensive, but we aren't gonna keep trying to play if we just get logged out when going near anyone.
  • Still major lag and disconnect issues before I logged out a bit ago. Nothing makes sense to do besides expeditions with this amount of lag. I've tried to play on several occasions this weekend, It's been really frustrating. Since its lag can you all just brute force the capacity with more hardware? Playing in red zones is impossible with this sort of stability.
  • We know how annoying the lag is for you folks. But the issue is caused due to an external service that we have to use. This means no matter how hard we push it, it's not only up to us. We're continuously working on improving the situation but it will take a few days until we have a final solution.

    We're sorry for all the deaths to players and mobs that were caused by lags. Be careful in the OW and don't use your top gear in HGs if you care to loose it too much.
  • We're still working hard on a solution. It's still the issue with the third party service that makes it hard for us to deal with it faster. (Which we stated earlier this week.)

    We're giving our best to implement a solution before the weekend. It involves a lot of communication with third parties that we can only speed up to certain degree.

    We just have to ask for your patience and understanding. We're doing everything in our power. Sorry for all the inconvenience and trouble!!!
  • We're close to get the lag situation under control. But it's getting delayed over and over.
    This is frustrating for us - and even more for you.

    As we stated in the previous posts - the problem is that we have to deal with third parties. The estimations we gave you - were honest - but even if all of us would be working day and night (which many of us do at the moment) we cannot speed it up any further. Often we just have to wait for the third party to reply and prepare configurations.

    Also please understand why we're not giving out any specific details since it's all related to DDOS protection and any information might help attackers which wouldn't help anyone.

    We're not taking a break until we got this under control. And we're sorry about the long duration and all the trouble that it causes you (especially because it lasts during the weekend).
    Stay with us - we'll get it done.