Shield Crafting Services! Cheap, Stylish, High Quality Shields For Sale!!!!

  • Shield Crafting Services! Cheap, Stylish, High Quality Shields For Sale!!!!

    Hello, Ceaveth here a level 100 Shield crafter, with 75 levels of shield crafting specialist. I'm a part of the guild Organized Chaos My shields sell fairly well on the Auction, I have some listed in every town but I am trying to get some direct work. I will make shields for you for cheap any tier, anywhere. My quality output rarely makes below a "good" quality shield, because of RNG I cant guarantee that though. Prices may vary based on material costs for your city if I provide the mats. BUT, here is the part I think people will like, if you provide the materials (only Four planks and Four Metal Bars) and a salad (for a higher quality shield for yourself).I will make any shield you want for a flat fee. I will also strip down and travel to your city to make your new shields where ever you want it.

    Prices are subject to change if I have to provide mats as the market does fluctuate. But it will be good quality for a good price.

    Base Line Silver Cost PER Shield if you provide materials. Tips are always welcome :D (subject to change in the future) (reduced tier 4 and 4.1 after some feedback)
    This is the price you pay whether your shield comes out as a normal all the way up to a masterpiece. My "Normal Quality" percentage is very low under 20% and getting lower I just made 100, 4.0 shields and that was my results with a tier 4 salad.

    Tier 4 - FREE provide me with the mats and i will make you 1000 of these if that's what you want, Min order 10, or added to order I cant travel to make one free shield.

    Tier 4.1 - 500
    Tier 4.2 - 5000
    Tier 4.3 - 25,000

    Tier 5 - 500
    Tier 5.1 - 10,000
    Tire 5.2 - 25,000
    Tier 5.3 - 50,000

    Tier 6- 5000
    Tier 6.1 - 25,000
    Tier 6.2 - 75,000
    Tier 6.3 - 125,000

    Tier 7 - 10,000

    Tier 7.1 - 50,000
    Tier 7.2 - 100,000
    Tier 7.3 - 200,000

    Tier 8 - 25,000
    Tier 8.1 -75,000
    Tier 8.2 - 150,000

    Tier 8.3 - 500,000

    I can also make artifact shields all though the chance for "normal" is a bit higher, no extra cost just provide the mats.

    How this will go down,
    1. I will travel to any town to meet you.
    2. You hand me the mats(4 planks 4bars)
    3. I go make your shield(s)
    4. I hand your new shield back and you pay the silver fee per shield.
    5. All done easy as that. The shield is yours, if its a Master piece and you paid me 5,000, for it go sell it for 50,000 or use it forever your call if its a normal you can complain and I'll say sorry I tried.

    Please send me Mail or add me as a friend in game, name is Ceaveth, Post on my wall, send a message, or better yet give me a free bump and respond here and we will coordinate and get you your new shield! I live in CST, I play fairly frequently and as winter hits here I will play more. I look forward to doing business with LITERALLY EVERYONE, who wouldn't want a shield???

    I think my price is fair but I might adjust if your idea seems reasonable, as I already have adjusted once based on feedback. I would also not be apposed to bulk discount if a guild needed shields, or if you just wanted 35 4.3 shields.

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