Land/Territory/Defender bonus feedback

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  • Land/Territory/Defender bonus feedback

    Defender bonus has made it so guilds with zero pvp experience can defend some of the best GvGers in the game because they bought gold and bought the terri in the beginning of live. If anything there should be max 15% defender bonus on the 3rd attempt, also having shields re-spawn every 48 hours.

    There is no where near enough territories for half the guilds who had them last time to have a city plot with defender bonus system in game, but you have 10 thousand man alliances in the game because they all want to have peace treaties with each other guilds who bought terri in the beginning and bombard new guilds from coming in the siege camps.

    23% gathering zones, with t7 dungeons dedicated to late game, which we are already almost there, is the SMALLEST continent out of them all. There is actually only THREE desert biomes in the 23% zone. There should be 2 more black zone continents that is all 23%, and with more than at least 6-9 zones for each biome.

    Not to mention the siege camps to get into the NA time zones have more than 200 people showing up and lagging out worst than castle fights used to, but that's another topic that is a problem because there is not enough territories, everyone is FORCED to play in the small area provided by time zones that are controlled by servers with caps on how many players it can handle. It's probably a good idea to increase the server ranges for the siege camp zones! We can't even fight for the siege camp because of lag making the game unplayable with ALL numbers/effects/names off.

    Make more territories, less lag, more pvp, more gvg's.
  • bump. @Bercilak @Korn

    This has been an issue for quite some time. I remember talking to you years ago about why take away red zone cities and make less black zones when you are pulling numbers from the end of the betas when everyone quits..There isn't enough territory for everyone, and there is probably at least 50 guilds who want to GvG but can't even get into the siege camp half the time. and even if you do, it lags out so hard you can't even fight and it's anyone's game at that point. It's just not fun. there is too many people everywhere, 10 thousand man alliances, guilds with 4 peace treaties who only gvg against guilds in siege camps. If you didn't buy a city plot in the beginning there is very small chance to get a plot with defender bonus. Some people have lives and weren't here in the 3 days that founders were able to be and all the terries were bought in 2-3 days. I know other guilds as well who also have been to other guilds city plots and can't win with defender bonus because it's a broken mechanic. It's just not fair that if you bought your black zone terry in the beginning that you should keep it forever due to a broken mechanic and there is many other guilds who can GvG and defend their own if they had the option. I've had territories with my guild since alpha. yellow red and black. It just feels like there could definatley be more terries, and the defender bonus should probably be max 15%
  • We will gradually reduce the defender bonus as the game matures.

    The reason why we have set it up so high early on is that the gear difference between the very top guilds and "normal" hardcore guilds early on can be very high. As the economy matures, they will shrink, allowing us to reduce the defender bonus.
  • @Korn Please tell me you realize that all the "VERY" top guilds only fight other "VERY" top guilds on their continent, and none of them have taken a city plot from someone because they stomped them with less tier gear. If then you must know the mechanic is working in backwards fashion against the slew of guilds who "WEREN'T PLAYING IN THE FIRST 3 DAYS" who "DIDN'T BUY TERRIES" and now should be forced to NOT be able to own one because of lack of terries, and also lack of dev knowledge on how the defender bonus actually works. You can't even take over a city plot with help from someone in your alliance because you can only attack from the farm plot with 1 guild from the farm plot. Say your GvG team cannot make it to the fights for 4-5 days straight, even with wins, you still have to push through defender shields that REGEN every 24 hours.. Like you guys have to realize this system is not working. I remember talking on a post with Mojo and others years ago about GvG's and we still have some of the same issues almost 3 years later, with a smaller map, and 1 main city with all other cities rendered useless.

    You have to realize that all the guilds who owned city plots last time, and weren't able to buy them in the first 2 days, and all the guilds who played in black zone cities have ZERO chance to get a city plot. That is bullshit to people who have played for 3 years, and have owned plots in the alphas/betas. 20% more fame and secure famring zones for people who were able to nolife the first 2 days, and screw the rest?

    ZERO CHANCE to EARN one. I'm not talking about spending real life cash on gold to pay 500k gold for a terri from someone who bought it in the first 3 days. I'm talking about being able to actually take someones plot because your GvG team beat them 3-5 times in a row.

    screw the defender bonus, if you lose your GvG 5 times in a row that should be enough, if you can't hold your city plot for 5 fights with a better team or pay someone to fight for you, YOU DON'T DESERVE A CITY PLOT IN THE BLACK ZONE. What do you mean the reason why we have it set so high early is so that the gear difference between the guilds can be very high. there is guilds on EACH continent with GvG members already at t7-8. NO ONE ELSE GVGS IN ANYTHING ELSE. There is no more gear difference. the gear difference between teams now wil only be t7 and t8 There is no reason to have this defender bonus in the game.

    So you're telling me that the entire 50-100 guilds who would participate in black zone city plot wars, that don't have the option right now because of everyone else who BOUGHT ONE BEFORE ACTUAL LIVE LAUNCH BECAUSE THEY HAD 100+FOUNDERS gets to have defender bonuses.

    Enjoy the rant, you probably don't care anyways and are going to ignore the fact that there is almost 2x less territories than there needs to be with all these damn people clumped up in 1 tiny ass map for this game with 1 game server.
  • 1) Siege camp lag isn't a problem..If its that bad get your lazy ass group there earlier when there isn't already a zerg sitting on it.
    2)It takes an incredible amount of resources, time, and team work to build up a city in the black zone, but the benefit isn't really that huge. If you take away defender bonuses, cities switch hands too easily, and the blackzone becomes unlivable. That city that your guild spent millions of silver and spent many hours building up can easily be lost to a troll guild that deletes all of the buildings just because they spam you with GvGs until something goes wrong and your A team can't show up.
  • Are you even in a black zone guild to be saying siege camp lag isn't a problem? You realize more people are showing up to siege camps than people were showing for castle fights?
    Also do you know what it takes to even get to a farm to start gvging for a city plot? there is no such thing as a troll guild spamming GvG's especially if you can't even win once against the troll guild, you probably don't deserve the damn plot. If your guild was smart enough you would have your alliance guilds GvG behind the guild trying to get your city plot and that just makes it even harder with defender bonuses and regenerating shield bonuses that RESET if someone actually does come behind with a GvG team and win the farm plot.

    noobs like you on forums coming to talk about something you have NO CLUE about is what ruins discussions and games like this.

    link your killboard please.

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  • 1)Yes, I am in a black zone guild.
    2) I know how many people show up to siege camps because I usually end up going to 4-5 a day.
    3)Castle fights aren't really a thing. A few relics vs territories we have tens to hundreds of millions of silver invested into. That sort of thing.
    4)Yeah, show up with a zerg, hold the tent to attack time, click attack. Win GvG.
    5)not all of us can log in multiple times a day 365 days a year, it would be possible for a persistent enough guild to take a plot they knew they couldn't hold if they were persistent enough, given the defender bonus was nerfed severely.
    6)Just because someone is in your alliance doesn't mean they have enough gear and GvG'ers to spare to defend your land, we all have a lot of shit going on all of the time.
    7)Yes, I'm a noob with no blackzone experience, I don't live in a blackzone and spend 95% of my time in the blackzone.

    Here is the killboard of my T8 quarrier.
  • Fixed Timezones kills GvG.
    Small ammount terries kills GvG. As OP stated i can confirm - some FIXED timezones tents(outlands) has huge players traffics - so we forced to check much more unattractive times to participate....
    Low/Medium Outlands passive cause mass alliance dont give a single damn thing.
    No practice (yellow zone) to form a progression kills GvG.

    I can bring 30+ members from guild to outlands lock 1.5k member alliances and who cares? if whole point is 5v5 with snowball gear or time isnt right for opportunity to participate.

    Beta1 GVG's WAS mega succesfull, there was tons of them everyday on and with cool progression/tactics/strategy with it.

    What should be done to make it more attractive? Look back to Beta1... because having not achievable high end goal for a guild is a kill for this game. There wont be rotation or new rising guilds simple with so many lockdowns.

    P.S. @Korn I cant imagine again how even small active guilds could possible do EU time at 17:00 or 22:00 UTC war tents than there competition for it 200+ and after that whole "NOOB/blue zones/royal" or whatever how they call it controlled by expierenced guilds which has theyr own alts/players from all alphas and betas to even more denied feature. Im saying this not for my own purpose, im saying this that THERE WONT rise'up/rotate new powers back in forth in this feature and will stay stale untill everyone get bored.
  • With the time zones being the way they are and having to attack from a siege camp (which you can only get if you have a zerg that the game cant even support.) its basically impossible to get into the black zone let alone get a city plot if you weren't playing the game with 30+ Founders at the launch. Every City plot was taken by day two... Guilds know what their getting into when they go to the black zone and the risk associated with it. That's how you guys advertised your game. There is Zero risk for owners of city plots. This needs to be fixed before it ruins the game. everyone is already in t7 and t8. The defender bonus needs to be removed and just make the attackers have to win multiple attacks in a row to take the plot. If you do not have a good gvg team you shouldn't be in the black zone in the first place. You have guilds holding city plots that cant even gvg.... @Korn.
  • Funny how that works. Like I said, if you can't defend your city you don't deserve it. Especially with the small number of city plots available to the amount of people that play.

    Winning a city should be based on GvG team skill and ability to win mutiple fights in a row against a guild. This defender bonus ruins any type of skill based play at that point. It actually only saves the noob guilds that bought terri in the first 2 days from losing their city to GvG teams that should earn those city plots and be able to use or sell at their will.

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