[Order of Dragons] Formally The Iron Empire OPEN TO RECRUITING!!!

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  • [Order of Dragons] Formally The Iron Empire OPEN TO RECRUITING!!!

    Welcome to Order of Dragons’s official recruitment thread!

    Order of Dragons is a new guild that promotes teamwork and community to help all member achieve that what the great can only do. our history although fresh is a little bit rocky. We few who started this guild migrated from the iron empire after the guild leader stole all our silver and destroy our buildings on our guild island. Moving on from that we feel we have recovered and prospered under our new guild and hope you will join us.

    Order of dragon aims to PvP and develop a supportive crafting system.

    To accomplish this, we need enthusiastic, and dedicated players. If you show signs of leadership, future promotion within the guild ranks is a strong possibility. If that sounds like you, then we will be happy to have you as part of our guild.

    Order of Dragons has opened our arms to players of all styles.
    In order to thrive as a guild, we need specialists from all aspects of the game. Farmers, gatherers, crafters or economists who would like to be a part of something bigger are all welcome to apply!

    We have a discord channel we use to communicate during dungeons, expeditions, and raids

    We have a website in development.

    If you want to be a part of this journey and think you have what it takes, we are very much looking forward to reading your application or pm.

    Sincerely Bordalin Guild Master.