Message notice caused to be kicked out of expedition and banned for 15 min

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  • Message notice caused to be kicked out of expedition and banned for 15 min

    During an expedition, I was clicking for moving and aiming at monsters.
    Suddenly a message appeared in the middle of the screen as I was clicking.
    This caused to accidentally click on a button. I didn't even had time to read the message, and I was out of the expedition back in Lymhurst and "Banned for signing for expedition for 15 min as I left expedition without finishing it"

    I have now idea exaclty what happend, as this is my first expedition.
    I guess my accidental click on the message caused me to leave the expedition though I don't understand why.

    I strongly advice to display window message notice anywhere but in the middle of the screen, as this is the place where the probability to accidentally click is the highest. Maybe, display them on top left corner.

    Thanks for reading me
  • I don't know you could be kicked out of a game. Where is this option located on the screen ?
    It's really unfaire because as healer I'm doing my max to help healing. Ofc I'm not an expert in game yet, but learning my role.
    It seems that healers are going to be badly respected for their work and such behavior like banning a team member trying to help should be punished.

    Is there any mean to refuse or report such unfair behavior ?

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