Ideas for Transportation (Group Travel, Guild Moving, Caravans)

  • Ideas for Transportation (Group Travel, Guild Moving, Caravans)

    Carriage/Covered Wagon
    • Holds up to 3 players in the wagon.
    • Driven by 1 player.
    • Medium armor.
    • Players inside the wagon are invisible to outsiders.
    • Medium mount radius when dismounted.
    • Only player owner can drive it.
    • Large carry capacity.
    • Roughly the speed of an ox.
    • Long "mount" time for driver.
    • Normal "mount" time for players in radius.
    • Only party members or allies can ride in it.
    • Good for long distance party travel and taxi service between zones.
    • Visually represented by a carriage, player driver, and two horses/oxen.
    • Modest crafting requirements. Shouldn't be easy to get and should make the crafter some money.

    Gameplay: You have established high reputation, show 0 kills in your player stats, and are finally able to drive a carriage. You set up near Ft. Sterling and say to the crowds: "Taxi service to Caerleon! 500 silver per passenger!"

    Gameplay: Your friends pool funds for a carriage to go exploring Red/Black zones together. A couple others bring their armored horses. You run harvested materials to the carriage, which is often guarded by the driver and another nearby player. Your goods are safely stored here and the three passengers can quickly hop in for an escape. But if the driver gets killed... all the loot is fair game for the PKers and the expensive carriage is a lost investment.

    Armored Caravan
    • Huge carry capacity.
    • Huge armor.
    • Slow speed.
    • One player driver.
    • Designed to move guilds and player islands to a different city. Or haul an entire gathering party's load.
    • Large radius when dismounted, good for holding your ground and fighting zergs while over burdened.
    • Best to have a brigade of player guards on armored horses to protect the slow-moving goods.
    • Visually represented by a heavy-duty armored wagon being pulled by multiple oxen.
    • Gets a minor speed buff while on established roads. Not good for off roading to camp nodes.
    • Incredibly difficult to craft and very expensive. High commodity item.
    • Idea: Instead of the driver carrying the goods, the armored caravan acts as a mobile chest. If the caravan/driver is killed in full loot zone then the cargo becomes accessible to all.

    Gameplay: You are one of the first few people to own an Armored Caravan. A small guild approaches and requests your services to move their guild to Caerleon from Lymhurst for 50k silver. You organize a date, time, and crew for the job and set the permissions of your Caravan cargo to Party so they can add their belongings. For the next [x] hours you cannot revoke that privilege unless the cargo is emptied. Scam too many players and your reputation as a guild mover is shot. Being a sandbox, you can be reputable to your clients or stab them in the back.

    Two Passenger Mount
    • A mount that one player controls and the other is a visible passenger of.
    • High movement speed.
    • Medium defense.
    • Low carry capacity (two players' loads considered).
    • Quick mount time for the passenger after the driver is mounted.
    • Good for swinging by and grabbing a buddy who lost their mount or doesn't have one yet.

    Road Blocks & Barricades
    • "Decor" item.
    • Expensive to buy/craft.
    • Decays after 15 or 30 minutes.
    • Can be destroyed by demolition hammer.
    • Can be placed in Red and Black Zones. Designed to be used on roads, but that is debatable.
    • Cannot be placed within [x] distance of portals, dungeon entrances, or mob camps. Cannot be placed within [x] distance from an existing barricade.
    • Use to setup barricades and traps for incoming traffic to create ganking opportunities and "pay the toll" scenarios.
    • Placing a barricade has a long cooldown, even if you go and buy more the game should remember when the last one was placed by you.

    Gameplay: You and your PvP team buy a few barricades. They're heavy, so you only take a couple with you. You find a nice choke point near a bridge and set up the barricades, positioning your team so that you can surround whoever comes by. As they approach and see the barricade you can converge and PK or roleplay and ask them to pay a toll of silver/materials in exchange for their life.

    Gameplay: You are traveling through Red Zone with a couple friends when you come across a small bandit (player) trap. Your scout quickly informs the group and you outplay the bandit players, destroying their barricade and making the road safe once more for the next group.
    "One tin soldier rides away..."
  • 1.) I like the idea of providing a taxi service w/ a wagon and a two person mount. Heck, I'd probably even use it just so I could go AFK on a long trip if the rider was respectable.The Armored Caravan could be interesting if they actually allow you to move guild/player islands.

    2.) No to the Road Blocks. I could just see every single choke point in the Black Zone is gonna have as many of these as possible for trolling purposes if nothing else. Even with a long cooldown, guild ZvZs will Blockade up their zones with their territories like mad. And I guarantee, the longish cooldown won't matter. Also, the scenario you envision in #1 will never happen. By the time you type it out, the guy will be the entire screen away, running. Everyone will just use it as a dam to kill whoever bumps into it.
  • I like both ideas

    BUT i can see that the blockades will be an issue except if you didnt just treat them as decor.
    i would have them have rapid decay say like an hp bar and you would have to supply them with stone like you would a building with food. so the more stone you throw into it you can keep it there but it will fade out within 5-10 minutes this should make it harder to block whole territories.
  • I agree that the Blockade could be more of an issue than a fun gameplay mechanic. That, unfortunately, is telling of the community (and humanity) and not so much an issue with the idea itself. The game, and its community, doesn't really allow for interesting encounters because it is kill on sight or flee on sight. The idea of it being an open world PvP game leads to kill or be killed, and sense the most fun part of the game (as far as complex engagement goes) is PvP then people want PvP to happen as often as possible. Unless they are the rabbit trying to escape the fox.
    "One tin soldier rides away..."
  • The Taxi Driver idea is quite nice, but u should be able to see if someone is sitting in it or not, maybe by seeing backpacks on the backside of the room where they are sitting in

    The blockade idea will lead into many problems,
    first of all a farmer can easily place one to get space between enemy and himself at a choke point
    also guilds could block whole maps (like 30 players for each entrance and then place baricades while farmers farm the whole map)
    i think its a nice idea but maybe it needs to many rules to be balanced