Remounting after dismounting.

  • Remounting after dismounting.

    So, I was farming hide in a t6 zone, and had just killed a few bears. I began skinning them when a ganker appeared on the edge of my screen. Went to click my mount to remount but I couldn't click it because the bears were in the way. If I were to press the 'A' key remounting would take far too long. There NEEDS to be a hotkey to remount when still in range of a dismounted mount. Needless to say, I died. Lost maybe 200k silver worth of stuff, which isn't too bad, but I could have saved it all had I just been able to remount properly. PLEASE ADDRESS THIS ISSUE. It's pretty tilting (even without a ganker around) to not be able to click something I want to click.
  • Just pointing out a way to improve quality of life, but I guess that's crying. Not asking for my shit back. Clicking rough logs instead of a tree is pretty freakin' annoying. What happened to me is just one meagre example of how click boxes are clunky. You don't understand my point.

    All of your advice amounts to "be smart and play around the garbagey parts of the game, because they're part of the game."

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  • I think there is a bigger topic to talk about here, that is not about someone getting ganked.

    Click management is VERY clunky. MOBA's and RTS's wrestle with this and the good ones have good controls. Adding more hot keys would be great in my opinion. Or changing clicks so that left click = attack, right click= interact. This solution would not solve the problem above though.

    Another thought, pressing A while in the ring if your mount would be on a lower cooldown as if you clicked yourount directly. I know this has a few edge case effects that people won't like. But it would ,imo, be more intuitive and fix this specific problem.