Serious PvPers, what Tier do you wear most often?

  • Serious PvPers, what Tier do you wear most often?

    Just a few questions for anyone who does PvP, especially the competitive crowd.

    1. What Tier (and enchants) do you normally wear for ganking in Red Zone? What about Black Zone, do you switch gear for BZ?
    2. What Tier (and enchants) do you prefer to wear in GvG? Do you always wear the best possible gear in this situation?
    3. What Tier do you wear when you go ganking as a zerg? Is it different from what you'd wear if you were going solo? (see #1)
    4. Do you save your best gear for a special occasion like it is Grandma's fine china? Or do you always wear your best knowing you could lose it at any moment?
    5. In a 1v1 fight do you think skill can win against a 1 Tier disadvantage (Adept vs Expert)? What about 2 Tiers? Or 3 Tiers? At what point does gear matter more than skill in 1v1 fight?
    6. When you go out ganking, what are your expectations for loot? Are you expecting and happy with looting flat T4 a lot or are you used to seeing T6 and enchanted gear? What does a good day look like for loot? What about a bad day?

    I'm not asking for specific builds or trade secrets. Feel free to share those too, though ;)

    Peaceful players and gatherers, please chime in with what you wear to dangerous zones. Do you wear flat T4 knowing you could die at any moment? Or do you go out wearing the best to protect yourself against death?
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  • I honestly didn't read the entire post for whatever reason, I got lazy.

    The most often worn ganking gear right now is in the realms/nears of 4.1 (or Flat 5). This is because it's inexpensive and the reward tends to be much higher than that of the gear you're "risking."

    GvG teams are up in the 6.2+ range. 6.2 is starting to look like the minimum as teams reach 7.2 and higher now.

    Hellgates seem to be around 6.1ish if you're looking to be very competitive.

    All in all, it really comes down to:
    1. What you're doing
    2. Who you're doing it with
    By this I mean, you could be doing a guild event where you're gearing in your best gear. Or you could just be casually zerging around. It's all situational, but above I posted the commonalities. Lets see if people agree/disagree with me.
  • OneTinSoldier wrote:

    Speakmore wrote:

    I honestly didn't read the entire post for whatever reason, I got lazy.
    Thanks for the honesty. I can be long winded. I went ahead and highlighted a question I'm really curious about. "At what point does gear matter more than skill in 1v1 fight?"
    Thanks for the info!
    To answer this specific question, I don't know that I can give you the best answer - so hopefully someone else will be able to enlighten us both with their opinion(s). My opinion, is that this is situational.
    • If you have a lot more skill than your opponent, but are way undergeared (4.2 vs. 6.2 per-say), I would say this will come down to the matchup of builds. If you're a warbow, you can probably kite them and kill them. If you're running a front-line smash and bash, I'm not sure the outcome of this (doesn't seem like you have much out-playability)
    • If you have more skill than your opponent, and have similar gear - chances are, you will win. Once again, this also depends on the build of your opponent.
    Regardless of skill, I believe builds countering each other also helps play a vital role in who would win the fight. I wouldn't expect you to go out there with a mace and end up trashing a bloodletter. I could be wrong. Lets wait and see more answers.
  • FastEddie wrote:

    as someone who is in black zones 24/7

    If I'm with 5 people all good players, t6

    If I'm with 5 random, t5

    If I'm solo or duo, t4

    Group of 10+ I'm always t6
    This is a good standard to go for.

    It also depends where you're going as well - I'd be a bit less inclined to bring T6 to a 5 man dungeon in Black Zone, simply because you have a fairly good chance of being hit with greater numbers at the worst time (like after a mob pull).
  • You would be surprised how many players coming from Caerleon in big groups, are wearing T3-T4 in the Outlands. And I'm not even kidding about the T3.

    When you're at a higher progression than said players, and they gang up on you, it's bank for them. (Or is it really ... ?)

    You just lost T6 - 6.1 gear, which is basically your "throw away" gear at this point.

    T4 gank players consider themselves "serious PVPers", T7 ones also. So the answer to your question depends on which side of the game you are.