[GRATZ]Myrmidon - RECRUITING CORE PLAYERS. High Ranking Alliance.

  • [GRATZ]Myrmidon - RECRUITING CORE PLAYERS. High Ranking Alliance.

    Myrmidon: A specialist ZvZ, blob vs blob combat guild, with a specific interest in developing relationships with other guilds in order to access and control large scale fight content.

    I personally started [GRATZ], built it in about 6 days, and handed it over to the best people for the job. My interest was not in leading a great alliance, but in having one. Technically I lead [GRATZ], but in essence my time is 100% free to focus on Myrmidon exclusively.

    That means that while we have an excellent standing with in a great alliance and community, you are my priority. Developing your skills and content engagement along with those who join along side you is my utmost concern, along side ensuring that you have the in-game income to support regular, intense combat in vicious settings. We WILL take 10 v 20 fights, and my track record of victory in this is excellent.

    That does not mean I will throw you into the meat grinder willfully. I think that if you read the comments following from the people who have played with me, who have fought along side me, they will read well.

    "Fantastic tactical mind and one of the best combat commanders I've played with. Just don't expect more than about 30 minutes of notice to undertake any activity!" ~ C3nturi0n, Destinys Edge.
    "working with WarSage makes me feel motivated and inspired". ~ Zuccuss, Myrmidon.
    "Envisage has been an amazing person to work with both on the battlefield and off. He's a great shot caller, leader and organizer. Best of luck in the recruitment buddy!" ~ Xulu, Destinys Edge.

    Other comments good and bad left in the comments section.

    As to who I am, let me add the 3 major announcements I made for [GRATZ] so that you can assess for yourself who you will be playing with.

    [GRATS] Intro.

    [GRATS] Appreciation

    [GRATS] WarSage Resignation.

    What I am looking for:

    60 Spear/Pikemen, who are willing to level their ZvZ build along side their own builds.
    10 Arcane Staff
    10 Nature Staff
    20 Holy Staff.
    10 Control Tanks
    3 Silence Built Tanks

    10 Extreme Range DPS
    10 Solo Target DPS

    4 Management Officers
    8 Fundamentals Officers
    2 Economy Officers
    2 Diplomat
    10 Logistics Officers
    4 Social Officers
    10 Shot Callers
    X Support Staff

    No one should follow, who will not lead, and no one should lead, who will not follow. Take a role, it is required.

    Why you might not make the cut.
    If you are soft of head and heart, you wont make it here. If you are one or the other, you'll survive. If you're too hard in either, you wont thrive in Myrmidon.
    Balanced people who can manage passion, confidence, and ego are required.
    Elitists need not apply.
    Be willing to raise the lowest player skill as high as you can manage, or do not bother at all.
    Require micromanagement too often and I will get bored of repeating myself on basics.

    What you will gain if you do make the cut
    If you were going to make the cut, you don't need an explanation on this. In fact, tell me what you will gain in your reply so I know that you are a thinker.


    Due to the nature of ZvZ combat, we take in all time zones and will balance ongoing recruitment to ensure that you have active content no matter your
    play time or your hours per week. Also, the alliance greatly helps with this factor, and the communications channels are usually brimming with people
    looking to partake in content.

    Don't join us if this is the only thing you read.

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