[Suggestion] Mounting Times

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  • [Suggestion] Mounting Times

    As it currently stands, when you mount for the first time it takes a brief while to do so.
    Whenever you dismount, the area of effect for your mount is displayed with a glowing white circle. If you stay within this area, your mount will stay where you left it.

    Pressing 'A' on the mount again to remount whilst in this glowing white area of effect, takes the same amount of time as mounting up for the first time from your inventory.
    However, if you left click on the mount, the mounting time is shorter than pressing 'A' or mounting for the first time.

    My suggestion is this:

    Whilst within the area of effect from your mount, pressing 'A' to remount should take the same amount of time as clicking on the mount itself. (A shorter amount of time than mounting from your inventory for the first time)