Expedition Courtesy

  • Expedition Courtesy

    Hello there dear player.

    I want to tell you guys something about doing expeditions TOGETHER.
    You are there with random people, they wont have the same idea about how to do things like you.
    For example the archer I met, all seem to have adhs, if there is no enemy I fight (sometimes even if there is) arrows fly toward the next group.
    There are several things you should think about befor killing your group and beeing kicked out.

    First, you want the expedition be done fast and clean.
    Second, you dont want to die and waste your hard earned money for repairs
    Third, you want to do more than 100 expeditions in total, befor nobody wants to play with you anymore.

    To accomplish that just follow some easy rules.

    1. Greet your mates.
    2. Don't be to fast, some of them might need mana.
    3. Let the tank pull.
    4. Help the healer.
    5. Try to have everyone at full hp.
    6. Don't push your own ideas at them
    (like, "we just have 20 minutes lets pull 3 groups at once" and die "because the healer is dumb" and the tank too)
    this wont work and you wont make any friends this way.
    7. Don't be afk and expect others to dont tell you you suck.

    I know there are tons of other examples but its like just a few point for everyone.

    For the damagedealer, its very easy, there are just very few things to do.

    1. Don't get hit by anything you can avoid
    2. Help out your healer.
    3. Kill the mobs with low hp(like rats) if you got some area damaging spells
    4. Attack the mob your tank is attacking.

    So your job is to annoy the enemy your tank shows you until it dies, easy enought right?

    for the healer

    1.Heal the tank. (sad this needs to be said)
    2.Heal the other mates
    3.Don't overheal like hell since it generates threat and you will be attacked by everything
    4.Don't heal while the fight starts because your tank won't be able to easily get enought threat on more than 2 targets.

    So your job is to stay alive and dont let your mates die, can be challenging

    for the tank

    1. Use your skills.
    2. Use your skills on more than one target.
    3. If you lose agro, get it back.
    4. You are the tank, do your job (thats not doing damage)
    5. Avoid beeing hit by every skill the mobs throw at you.
    6. If you get agro dont let the mob face your group, so they dont have to avoid but can do their jobs.
    7. try to minimise the damage you and your group gets (epic way of victory)

    And your job is not to die but to be hit and stabbed and shot....while trusting your mates, that they will do theirs befor you turn into a small chunk of metal.

    So everyone gets it how easy it is to do an expedition, what could go wrong?
    Well...I have to admit I dont know why people are ignoring good manners and still flame the group. Maybe the dunning-kruger-effect has something to do with this.(look it up yourself^^)

    I am constantly annoyed by
    - dds pulling, because we are to slow (not that dying makes us any faster)
    - tanks just tanking one enemy while the group dies on him
    - healer who just dont heal because damage!
    - people who tell me to go faster because they have to eat, go to bed, to school wtf (like I care about any reason, if you dont have time left, DONT PLAY ffs, and dont tell me things like sorry I have a life, you dont have a life, you are just to dumb to read the clock)

    I didnt think I need to say these things since I seriously thought people in this game would use their heads for more than growing hair. Read your skills and try to think a little but get some ice ready.


    PS.: Excuse my bad english.
  • I like to play healer. Yes I'm mad, but it is a very busy role and there is always something to do, often a lot!

    OP. Thanks for reminding me that healing creates threat.

    Sadly the people you are trying to help will not see this as they of all Albion's players are the most unlikley to be reading this forum.

    I would like to shout out for the two, yes only two, PU groups I have had that communicated and played their roles well.
  • I remember my time as a healer and it wasnt as hard as I am told by everyone. That is when your team isnt a bunch of retards^^
    normaly you dont have to heal anyone but the tank that much. So its like everything, easy if the people you play with are doing their assigned job.
    Like tanks actualy using tankskills(just wanted to go as damagedealer once, its horrible, no matter which place you take)