Insanos Express - Recruiting - Bridgewatch to Carleon

  • Insanos Express - Recruiting - Bridgewatch to Carleon

    We are Insanos Express, a guild of multiple nationalities, small, without much in-game experience.

    We look for newbies who want to learn from us, everything Albion has to offer.

    Currently, we are a guild: merchant and warrior with 0% guild rate, focusing on:
    Collection of resources, study of the financial market, fight PVP and MVP.

    But our main goal is to rule the black zone through alliances and GVGs fights.

    Those who wish to join us,
    It will be pleasure to share with you the little that we know
    Lets learn together how to conquer the Albion.

    We use discord as a communication channel, where we talk daily.

    We are in the city of Bridgewatch, but the island of the guild is in Carleon.

    We are currently recruiting 4 to 6 American players or speaking English.