UK player looking for a chill guild

  • Hey there!

    Krypted Gaming is seeking players to join our wonderful community. Our primary game is EVE Online, but we have ventured over to the lands of Albion to do great things. We have been running black zone content, hell gates, and gathering parties.

    At the moment, our focus lies with getting our members comfortable in the game, as well as exploring the endgame content.

    Important details,
    • We are based in Caerleon
    • T4 Island
    • Multiple daily activities (blackzone, hellgates, etc)
    • We typically roam in groups of 5-10
    • We have a mix of EU and US players
    Static Groups
    We have a unique little oddity in our community, and that is static groups. These are 5-man groups focused on building a strong bond with each other, learning the game, and improving in whatever aspect they choose. For example, some static groups are focused on running hellgates, while others are focused on black zone gathering. We believe this will allow us to easily build GvG groups, and build a tight-knit feel in our community.

    The ideal Krypted member is,
    • Active (tons of chatter on Discord throughout the day)
    • Friendly & Respectful
    If you're just starting Albion and want a friendly community to learn with, we're the place.

    Join our Discord!

    Multi-game community, check out our guides

  • CheekyBaptist,

    We in TheArt of Warfare would love the opportunity to grow with you and get thingsmoving in the right direction together. Though we come from a larger gamingcommunity, we currently have a steady growing team of Albion dedicated playersand around 20 other players that come in now and then to join us from the othergames in our community.

    Currentlybased off Fort Sterling with a T6 guild island, 10% guild tax, 0% usage fee ofGuild Island , we are building up for GVG. We have multiple Hell Gates and BZpatrols going throughout the day, as well as groups forming for gathering andcrafting.

    We useTeamSpeak for all voice communication and invite you to our (optional) Discord for text only communication. Wehave a group of NA and EU players both growing in number weekly. Our currentactive Albion Online members roster can be found HERE theother players in guild are from throughout the TAW community.

    Access tothe guild also brings you access to our community of other games you might alsobe interested in when servers are down. Visit us at and see if we may be a fit for you and we can give you our TSaccess to talk with you some. We do have mandatory weekly meetings, but areflexible with scheduling with optional nights because we understand real lifecomes first.
    Let usknow if interested and we can grow together.
  • Hi CheekyBaptist,

    I am looking for more EU players to join my guild, please check us out!

    Our mission is find other like-minded mature adults that want to learn, and have fun playing Albion together. We seek friendships that we can maintain for future games to come.

    Currently in Albion, we have a guild based out of Lymhurst, and we have most of our buildings upgraded to T5. We currently have formed an alliance with [TLP]<The Last Prophecy>. This alliance now gives us access to guild cities in every major city in Albion, as well as the ability to connect with over 700 competent helpful members/veterans. We have No guild tax on any of our buildings, and we are massively recruiting for more players of all roles. Please check out our recruitment page here!

    Join our discord here!

    Look forward to meeting you!

    Shinigami King

    The Only True Open World PvP Guild