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    • You don't pick a class at teh beginning of the game and have to stick with it the rest of your "life", in AO you are what you wear. That said there are the usual armor classes, cloth (light armor), leather (medium amor) and plate (heavy armor). You can mix them up as you like, although not all combinations are a good choice. What armor/weapon you choose depends on what role you want to fill. Tanks go for plate and onehanded weapon & shield or a twohanded weapon. While casters often take cloth and melee dps leather mixed with some cloth/plate. Every armor piece/weapon has at least one skill that sets it apart from other pieces.
      Up to tier 4 you can experiment with all, as it is quiet easy to get there. If you want to go on you should decide on one or two playstyles. You can change at leisure, but after t4 it becomes really grindy.

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