Why Sistem of Hells Gate are so terrible for casual players?

  • Why Sistem of Hells Gate are so terrible for casual players?

    I login a few hours for a day, and don't have time to play to much, and for me, as casual player, its very frustrating find group for HG.
    Most of the players have their own group to go into hells gate, and also, a lot of other players don't have , like me.
    The members of my guild never want to go into Hell Gate, and i don't blame then, because it's to boring the process before we go into there.
    And to complete, i have heard from a lot of players that they don't like to play expedition, its boring, make us Sleep until click "Q" waiting to kill the mobs. There is no emotion in this. think about.
    Why don't transform Expedition in to a hells gate, or make it's easier to find groups to fast play hells gate, Don't want to waste hours of my time TRYING to enter in one HG or forming a group, that maybe can't be online in the same time of the day that I can.

    otherwis you will not only lost me as player :D
    I only create this superficial topic because i was angry, because every time i want to go into a HG nobody else wants, and i can't never play
  • Your guild doesn't want to do hellgates? /gquit and join a good guild, problem solved I still haven't done a single t6 expedition and from all the hate don't think I am missing a thing. Do hellgates, go blackzone dungeon go pvp join a guild that does ZvZ's (beause they are amazing fun with a good group). Even the t7 dungeon in reds has a lot going on.

    All these people saying they have nothing to do just are not trying, all you need is a good guild and you can do everything. If your not doing stuff its cause your guild is shit,
    or your not trying hard enough to organize anything.
  • Depends on the hell gate you want to do I suppose, Yellows are a pain to get into, due to how care bear the whole setup is so you end up fighting up to 3 to 4 teams just to try & get into a portal or a guild brings more than 5 people and they take it by force but they're also easier to get a team for because so many want to do them and I've found people to be generally quite respectful, if you kill the boss most teams will let you enter & not stop your channel into the portal.

    Black zone hell gates are easier to get in to, less contested but there's less people wanting to do them & I think that's a problem that's due to peoples misconception of the blackzone, I don't believe the Black zone or black hell gates are as bad as people make them out to be, but I suppose I'm not on your end of the argument, I don't know how much time you are able to spend online so I don't know how much silver you can make during your play time, is it even enough to support the fact that you might lose everything in a single Hell Gate? I've got to believe it is with the amount of people that don't want to do black zone hell gates not to mention team coordination, you want to do these with as little random players as possible to reduce loss as much as possible but I don't think they should bring out content that allows people that play casually to just suddenly make as much as those that run hell gates as that would make doing hell gates pointless as we'd all spam whatever the next best thing would be, BZ hell gates are fun because of the huge reward vs risk & then the skill element on top of it makes it really appealing for the hardcore/dedicated player.

    There is a lack actual "Fun" pvp content though for the casual player other than running with your guild & doing a ZvZ which gets old quick or ganking in which case you'll most likely just get stomped by a team larger than you making it also turn old quick, though I think this is subjective for the most part so you should probably participate in those and see how it goes.

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  • My friend OP, never ever start a complaint on the premise that its bad for casuals. You have handed all opponents a rock solid counter argument from the get go.

    That said black zone roaming is not that hard to get into. You can go around in a group of 3 or 4 and harass 'gathering guild's and their zergs and make profits while evading them all day. Just the other day a small group i was in made several million silver while only losing around 100k total. Black zone small group is the best fun in the game, currently. Evading zergs, escaping even after they have pulled you into the middle of them, very fun. You just have to be willing to die a dozen times or so while you get the hang of it.

    As far as hellgates? Simply flag your group half way between an entrance and a gate in a red zone and take gatebear's stuff :^) Remember to have an unflagged scout!
  • Erika wrote:

    My friend OP, never ever start a complaint on the premise that its bad for casuals. You have handed all opponents a rock solid counter argument from the get go.

    Don't see how, most games now are catered toward the casual audience of gamers, I'd say unless you have people behind you or you know enough about the game being a casual does put you at a disadvantage concerning PVP, people don't walk in to pvp a master, it's time & knowledge.
    So in terms of content, the game has little to offer someone with low game time compared to other theme park MMOs that have a queue/TP for everything, dungeons, arenas, most pvp etc.

    The only real thing anyone can suggest is to enjoy & play the game at your own pace, if you don't have the time to get to where you want to be then investing the cash to speed the progress or changing game to something more their speed are the only real options.