Death Walkers [EU | Exodia Alliance | Black zone guild | GvG | ZvZ | Hellgate | T5 Island | Caerleon]

  • Death Walkers [EU | Exodia Alliance | Black zone guild | GvG | ZvZ | Hellgate | T5 Island | Caerleon]

    About us

    We are Death Walkers a guild founded just 2 weeks ago that quickly found a place in the top 10 alliance, Exodia and we keep striving to make our name heard and feared in the black zones. We are looking to mainly recruit players from europe, so if you are from eu you can always expect people online.
    If we got your interest by now keep reading so you're able to find out what we have to offer.

    Our offers

    - A friendly community to always hang out with and have a good time
    - A coordinated guild environment with good communication in PvP situations
    - PvP and PvE content (GvG, Hellgate Groups, ZvZ, Fame farming, Ganking, Expedition speed runs)
    - An active discord server
    - Helpful members that help new players to grow
    - A lvl 4 island in Caerleon with various t5 buildings

    What we are looking for

    - Helpful and friendly players
    - Decent english knowledge
    - Players that are able to use discord
    - A good amount of activity
    - Guild loyalty, we want you to stick with us
    - Understand and the ability to deal with banter


    - If you're only able to play a short amount of time each week, this is not the right guild for you
    - Age of 18+
    - Total fame: 500k
    - or Gathering fame: 100k

    Guild rules

    As we want to keep a friendly environment for our members there are some rules for you to following

    - Respect other guild members, including any alliance members
    - Show respect and honor in both victory and defeat
    - If guild members needs help, we expect you to help them, remember this is a team game
    - Keep drama out of guild chat, if there are problems talk to an officer
    - Let an officer know if you will be absent for more than a few days, so no one thinks you stopped playing the game


    If you are now want to join our guild please just post a reply with following points:

    - Your ingame name
    - Your age (18+)
    - Where are you from?
    - Roughly how many hours you can play every week?
    - What is your playstyle? (PvP, PvE, Gatherer, Crafter, maybe even Allrounder)

    If you posted your application please join our discord so we are able to have a quick chat with you.
    If you already are a 5 man team and want to join our guild for GvG’s please let us know.


    Guild Master: Pasimega
    Officers: ESR, Mimonbaraka, Nuuk

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