Confused about Questing

  • Confused about Questing

    Well Hello there! McKeen here =)

    I completed my (I guess ) first quest-chain by getting my first pony to ride upon. Where do I go from here? - I don't seem to be incentiviced to grab a new quest. Am I supposed to go somewhere else or do I simply not fit into the requirements for the next chain, yet?

    Hoping my question can be answered.


    McKeen :thumbup:
  • I guess there is no quests beyond that beginning quest. Its basicly just "tutorial" to help you out. Pointing out do this and that to do this and that :D

    Basicly there is also expeditions as "quests" to gather royal sigils etc...

    Tho.. id hope there would be more quests implemented. Quests like expedition royal sigils etc. Somekind quest chains to gather stuff or something and then you get somekind reward for turning them in. Most likely repeatable or even as daily quest.

    this would allow far more ways to play the game. Lets say instead of selling or crafting stuff with mats. You could turn them in for some items or have typical quests such as beginning quest has to go kill heretics to get Silver or something.

    This would also allow "pure" pvp/pve players to get Silver By hunting monsters instead of gathering. as at the moment it seems like mandatory to get even any money you need to gather/craft like crazy or play wall street on market. edit: before anyone says go pvp!. its not so suitable for newbies and zero combat levels etc... ppl with highly trained combat tree have advantage there even with T4 gears. more skills unlocked. more damage blabla. Also requires going to BZ. most dont even know how to get there and you need good Silver base before going there so that you can afford to lose gears etc.

    I know expeditions give some Silver but hey it could be better. There could be similar Silver/item rewards for openworld dungeons and so on. like "kill x heretics in z map or kill this mini boss in z dungeon/map for 5000silver" Then could give extra options for extra rewards. Heck you could even make random restrictions mode like "use only x weapon" "solo only" "dont die or quest fails" :D

    anyways somekind quest/reward system could be nice. This would allow people better to be pure combat focused builds and still make decent money endgame.

    Then again bounty hunting etc could work too.

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  • VioNectro wrote:

    The game is rather drab and pointless if you are not interested in pvp. From a content perspective even EVE has more.
    I agree with this. Though and I say this constructively, the PvP experience need improvement to rival MOBAs. I hope AO blaze a new trail as a highly customizable MOBA than follow other commonplace quests so-called content heavy RPGs.