Premium Issue

    • Premium Issue

      Hey there. I'v got something what bothers me pretty much. I'v purchase the game in beta and I left it for like about 3 months and my premium status expired already and im curious. Is it possible to give me my premium once more ? And if not there is other question. Why i didnt get my 7 days of free premium account after those annoying DDoS ( Gold-sellers attacks ) issues ? Please for answer ?( 8|
    • I know there is somethin like that. But when i came back i realize my account has been hacked and when i'v got my entire login and password back i saw my character no longer exist and for replacement there was another guy char. I deleted it cuz i didnt wanted to play with someones progress. I created the new one and now i want to know is it possible to give me my premium back ;/