Guilds come and guilds go, are you a number or a member?

    • Guilds come and guilds go, are you a number or a member?

      Hello all,

      As I am sure some of you know when MMO games launch, and as they progress, guilds come and go.
      1. Ranking guilds fight to be in the top ranking for PVP & PVE,
      2. Zerg Guilds set out to zerg zones and create a devastating blow to smaller unprepared guilds and solo players.
      3. The most notorious guilds fight to become notable for their ill doings and deceit
      4. There are guilds that enjoy gaming and take that to become known for crafting and farming.
      5. Then there are what I like to call "friend guilds". these are guilds comprised of 2-10 people who are real life friends and just want to hang out in the game and have fun at times.
      With that said between the above five types of guilds, members are let go because they aren't geared well enough, skilled well enough, or feel left out during events and have a hard time fitting in. In some cases a cliche group forms and rates themselves above the others because of various reasons and think of themselves as being better than the rest. This form of elitism kills the game play for the others who when first joined thought of glorious guild runs and battles that they can take part in. But because of separation due to not being prepared, they are left out, abandoned to venture alone, and have no one to relate to or run with.

      This scenario pushes a lot of players out and feeling that guilds are pointless. As in every game, solo players start to distrust guilds and slowly lose faith in the game itself. A "bad player" today can become a top player tomorrow is the way I see it. even if it takes time. This isn't a recruitment for The Art of Warfare by no means, (Though if wondering yes we are recruiting) but it is something to take note to.

      Being a number in a numbers game isn't fun at all, its depressing. but don't lose hope. There are guilds out there that will accept you for being.. well.. YOU! And of course there is always a guild out there that would be lucky to have you. That is what makes gaming enjoyable. being treated as a person and not a number. So if we as a majority, stop playing the numbers game and invite the player-base aka "people", to our guilds then the game can be surprisingly much more enjoyable. And yes a smaller guild can make a difference in a sandbox as this. It sometimes takes some time but its doable.

      Happy gaming everyone!
    • Frostweaver ,

      Thank you for responding to this post. We are from a larger gaming community that is 16 plus years running. and we live up to our name in the games we play. This game will be no exception. There is no "emo crap" as you put it. We don't seek to become Huge or pull numbers but we do seek to become a viable guild in Albion Online and the mechanics there in.

      We are a mixed of players as to whom we get to know over time. and fill our ranks with people wanting to game. Some will be for pvp and that will take its course. This post isn't about proving ourselves, or trying to recruit numbers.. It is simply to inform and encourage those wanting to quit to stay in the game and find themselves a home among the great guilds present.

      Sadly as in most mmo's we will see guilds disappear as quick as they are created. And in the same new guilds rising in ranks in various ways. leadership crumbles, time wavers, and few will stand the test of time. We wish to stay in this game and earn our rightful place.. I look forward to meeting you in game when the time is right my friend and wish you well with your endeavors in game.
    • NOFUX schrieb:

      I'd rather be a number in an organized guild than a member of a non-competitive guild. Guilds getting shit done is the endgame.
      Well for some people, the enjoyment is being a number and there isn't anything wrong with that at all. But there are some smaller competitive guilds and you'd be surprised by them. Though they may not win every fight, they do make a difference in them. For instance since The Art of Warfare started in this game we have begun to make a name for ourselves in the field and are competitive. Sure we lose some, but we win more than lose. We are practicing more and more getting better daily.

      With that said The Art of Warfare will kill and let it be, and don't grief kill because we believe i fair play, but we aren't chumps neither. A lot of the numbers guilds zerg-up and grief kill often and they sweep through Killing the same people over again that they out number quite often. Then they are the first get mad when they get rolled by someone else. Yes we sometimes roll in with 10+ members in BZ, but mostly two or five player teams for the Hell gates. Either way some guilds are care bare style or enjoy playing without combat.. but that's the way they want to play. Doesn't make them weak at all because event they have a good number of players willing to fight.

      And as FrostWeaver stated.. That avatar.. ++..