[EU] Lost Kingdom [20+ discord] [Recruitment]

  • [EU] Lost Kingdom [20+ discord] [Recruitment]

    :Lost Kingdom:

    is a new guild we start from the ground to rise to be strong, we have discord we have a guild island ower based city is cerleon,
    we do pvp and pve all player are welcome only for 3 day inactivity u will be removed please note that we wanna become a active,
    guild so that we can conquer a BZ and further we are also planning to connect to a alliance if we have a 30+ members that is for the future,

    :what goals do we have:
    * become a great community in albion and do ower best
    * become a nation with all sorts of players how are willing to trade
    * become a member friendly community no zergs no toxin
    * become a big pvp guild for Blackzones

    :what do we aspect from u:
    * info about ur charachter ign
    * what is ur age
    * how many hours do u play [trough workdays and weekends]
    * what is ur current build and setup [like gathering or Crafting & pvp gear]
    * ur adventure rank
    * tell me about a little of ur self

    replay here hope to see u in-game.


    CEO & Founder

    join us discord.gg/6gbBQDQ

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