Upgrading buildings

  • Upgrading buildings

    Why is there a limit of 30 building mats that one can put in a construction to build it? It's not like we're going to get attacked or interrupted on our islands so what's the point? Even on BZs, it probably happens less than 0.01% of the time.

    Could we just build constructions (upgrade buildings) in one shot if we have the resources, much the same way we can max craft everything else? It literally took me over 3 hours to upgrade a dozen buildings from t1 to t4 where my only gameplay consisted of pressing "+" every stacks of 30.
  • They plan to fix this problem, we have been asking for it for 3 years. :)

    H4n1baL wrote:

    Hey @Listatta!

    As I stated in some other threads, we will make some adjustments (probably launching with first content update) so that you only have to click once to upgrade the building. You'll keep the little "steps" of 30 units so people can still upgrade a building together but you'll not have to click every minute or so.

    - Lino