The most Valuable pvp item that no one is mentioning the EAR!

  • The most Valuable pvp item that no one is mentioning the EAR!

    Hello I am making this suggestion on the forums because I sadly don't have as much direct communication with the developers that some may have on item additions or changes. My idea for an item isn't even technically a weapon or Armour, nor is it anything that one can ride or consume, what I am suggesting is something that can change the whole concept of PVP in which it can make this game very very fun, of course i am talking about "Trophy kills". As I would imagine some of your developers have played a game known as Diablo 2, in which when a player was killed by another they would drop a special little item...their ear. :thumbsup: This ear would say just a few information about the killed player, was fun to collect the ones of the top tier players or brag to friends. BUT for Albion I can see this becoming a very very very very very amazing feature that guilds can use to expand game play to their members or even to mercenaries living on their own. The "Drop" can be anything your developers on items think is best to match the lore of the game( Ear, Skull, Scalped Head..etc) and the only info that one would need when they click it is to show:
    • [Player's name that died] killed by [Player that killed]<-already display this in chat window so its just a copy and past to item
    • Guild rank(ex: recruit, member, guardsman, maybe the one and only guild leader of a guild)<-fetch this from their status data for their rank
    • Guild Name <-same thing get this from their status data for Guild
    Now with these 3 things a guild or just the community in general can have a LOT of fun. Here are just some ideas of creativity that they can bring to this sandbox:

    • This is an easy guess: it will add bragging rights to players, maybe you killed the Guild leader of one of the top 10 guilds in game, show to players, collect and save, maybe there will even be a release where be able to add to house as a trophy case.
    • Guilds can create a currency from it or a requirement: It takes 100 [ARCH] trophies to become a member, for every 999 [ARCH] trophies we will hand you 500k silver, etc(This becomes tricky on how to stack them, can just not allow stacking and the leaders will need to record the hand ins.)
    Of course with this there will need to be safe guards so people don't exploit:
    1. Not able to go on auction house(prevents over flow and people to sell their own trophies for a high price)
    2. Can't be dropped when suicide(This will prevent insane amounts of bodies of players suiciding in Carlion or wherever)
    With these 2 safe guards I can see them not being too much of a problem, I'm sure your devs can think of other safe guards for them if need be. I truly hope this starts even just a little SPARK to the community for this and to the developers, I love having ideas such as these that can bring the game into a more realistic and creative mind set.

    Would love to hear other's opinions especially any of the devs that have read this, give your ideas on how this item can be used in the future or it's release.

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  • This feature was actually in a game that I played many years ago called Dransik. You were able to take the head from a PKed player. It worked really well and it vastly improved the bounty system, as back then, we didn't have a fancy kill board. I wouldn't mind a similar system here. I do agree they should not be able to be posted on the AH, unless there is a specific AH just for bounties.
  • Great idea! The immersion would be huge and it would complement the bounty system very well (you could say that to deliver a bounty, you had to deliver "X" player ear/head/scalp to the player who put the bounty, thus collecting your reward), also putting those trophies on your guild houses and own house would be nice. (I even have thought of skinning players and going full Ed Gein)