Update on DDOS Attacks, Compensation

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  • Update on DDOS Attacks, Compensation

    Dear Albion Community,

    In the first two weeks post launch, our servers had some performance issues, causing frequent reboots and some zones in the game being unavailable due to overcrowding. We have dealt with these issues and announced compensation for this here.

    Unfortunately, on Saturday, August 5th, we had a short DDOS attack followed by an extortion attempt, which we of course did not comply with and immediately reported to the relevant law enforcement agencies.

    This was followed by heavy DDOS attacks from Sunday, August 6th onwards. Properly defending against well-executed DDOS attacks is a very challenging task, and far harder than a quick Google search might suggest. In close collaboration with leading experts in the field, we are making significant progress. Recent attacks have impacted the server's performance, but generally were not successful in bringing it down. Our defenses are constantly being optimized and fine-tuned. Having said that, we are not in a position to give the "all clear" just yet.

    To compensate players for the outages caused by the past days' DDOS attacks, we are awarding an additional 7 days of premium time to all characters that played with active premium any time between July 17th and August 11th (UTC time). This means that those premium characters who had also been affected by the server issues immediately post launch will now get 14 days extra premium time in total.

    The compensation will be given out during the daily maintenance tomorrow, August 12th.

    The ongoing server attacks are extremely frustrating for all players. Tackling them is our utmost priority. We will certainly get them under control, and expect to make further progress of the coming days.

    Some of you might be worried about the long-term impact of the server issues on the future of the game. Our philosophy here is quite simple: We have always believed and consistently communicated that Albion Online is a game with a long-term focus. We have been working on the game 5 years, with the goal that it shall be successful 5 or even 10 years down the road. What counts is the longstanding quality and longevity of the game, and not just riding the hype wave around release. While the release hype has of course taken a hit due to the attacks, in the long term, it won't matter, as the lasting success of a game is solely dependent on how good it is.

    So, let's fix the current issues, and get on with it!

    Your Albion Online Team
  • Thank you devs for the communication and hard work you put in this. Once the servers are stable in the long run you should do a celebration stream and get drunk on it with us! Cheers to the succesful and long life of Albion online. We all hope that happens.
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  • for me all good but any ETA for fix plate armor ? i post a solution maybe work but devs must read and work on it i really want this game strong but need apply more punish to bot users and look into bug on game, a tip forgot launch a "test server" put him down and make fixes on game contend focus on fix the game and on future relaunch TEST SERVER dont waste time on it today! give to us more content for solo gameplay more mobs maybe another faction fishing and more professions roll back game dificult how was in cador update after this update you broken the game , make maps bigger ,set huge nerfs to plates and raise leather and cloth plz make tanks great again AND PLZ REMOVE TREAT GENERATION from leather good luck on fixes AND PLZ STOP listening to the cry of the players about their classes cast a content and adjust as they think better make the game have more difficulty as the game until the cador update

    HOPE FOR A BETTER ALBION ! for all tanks !
  • The extra compensation in premium time is unnecessary, but a very nice gesture indeed. Thanks for communicating with the community often and for all of your efforts. I know the staff has been putting in long hours.

    Feel free to continue to ignore the dorks asking for refunds.
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  • Starf wrote:

    I don't want your premium time, I want my money back.

    FoxTheOne wrote:

    I don't want your premium time, I want my money back.

    As these two so far have posted, a lot are gonna feel that they should get their money back. In a perspective, you can blame the Steam Culture for this. However, what do you think SBI should do with your accounts after refunding you? Leave your account alone and let you play? Reward you with the 14 days Premium Time that we're to be getting, or exclude you from that database modification? Honestly, IF they were to do any refunds for your purchase of a Purchase To Pay I'd expect to see gamekeys deactivated or just as simple, banning the account that has a refund for initial purchase processed on it. Especially if you purchased Premium Time for alts via real money or in-game currency and you're still active for a game purchase refund.

    It's not logical or fiscally responsible for them to refund you just because of the issues that have been happening. If you liked the game but turned sour because of the initial launch issues (which we were seeing a lot of progress on) and then right after the DDOS attacks that have caused the major amount of downtime giving you Premium is still essentially going to cost them money overall. Just like these DDOS attacks have. Hiring NetSec, SysSec, and working with the DC the servers are in is NOT CHEAP. It costs a lot of money.

    TLDR: Be patient and deal with the downtime as they fine tune everything for the DDOS, and try to think about it not from just your perspective. The world does not revolve around you.