White Flag Trading Post

  • White Flag Trading Post

    DISCLAIMER: The use and balance of this concept would need to be worked out to avoid abuse as an escape mechanism/troll item.

    • A special mount with a unique mount ability that allows the player to set up a "White Flag" Trading Post.
    • While active, your mount becomes a personal shop that nearby players can interact with to buy/sell whatever you have listed.
    • While active, you cannot be attacked and will not take AOE damage. You also cannot attack.
    • The "ability" that creates this Trading Post has a long cool down. 30 minutes? 1 hour? Long enough it can't be used to consistently avoid PVP in dangerous zones.
    • When you "close shop" you automatically are remounted and have a very short movement speed buff and resist to slows. Nothing is preventing PVPers from camping your shop and waiting for closing time.

    Tentative Mount Specs
    • A unique Ox or Wagon style mount. Only this variety of mount has the shop ability.
    • High carry capacity.
    • Average movement and gallop speed.
    • Low to Med armor and health values.

    Concept Details & "Rules" (please discuss)
    • For development ease the shop interface could be a copy/paste of the AH, but all listings are specific to the trader. Ideally, a more refined and simple interface would be desired. Secondarily, a built in barter or "best offer" feature would be interesting.
    • The shop can stay open for as long as the player desires but all trades must be actively confirmed by the player. This should not be treated as an AFK shop mechanic.
    • Shops can only be opened in Black or Black & Red Zones.
    • Shops cannot be opened in cities or in Guild Territories (unless you are a member).
    • You can only activate your "White Flag" ability outside of combat. So if you get jumped while in transit you can't just go invulnerable instantly.
    • Anyone inside of the mount's aoe ring can still be attacked by other players. No special protection for shoppers, as this can be abused.
    • A small pin should appear on the local zone map indicating where a trader has setup.

    Why I Think this is a Good Idea
    • Players outlawed to the Black Zones can only go to Caerleon or their Guild AH. This would create a new way for them to interact with players and stock up on materials or gear.
    • Imagine a small caravan of traders with a couple player guards traveling through the Black Zones with tons of goodies, looking for a good spot to set up shop. They'd make a fun target if outlaws happen upon them, especially on a return trip when their "White Flag" is on cool down.
    • Imagine you are adventuring and suddenly see a handful of shops setup next to each other in the wilds of Black Zone. You get to pick through their wares and make deals on a more personal level than the AH. "Can you go down 2k silver on that [item]?"
    • As a trader, you could settle near a guild territory or conflict zone where battle frequently takes place and sell off all of that extra of gear you grinded through to level up crafting.
    • "But OneTinSoldier why do we need to give them special protection to trade in the Black Zones?" Yes, I've read how a lot of people feel about not giving out special hand-holding mechanics. But humanity has proven time and time again that we are often incapable of being civilized. I imagine running into an area of Black Zone screaming "I'M A TRADER, DON'T KILL ME!" in local chat won't do much to initiate peaceful trade.
    • More ways for players to interact. More ways to get people into the Black Zone. More ways for PVPers to find targets or outlaws to have a moment of peace with friendly players.
    "One tin soldier rides away..."
  • Elarahis wrote:

    Fun idea but the AH would need to be removed in order for this to work or noone would take the risk of being so easily killed. Also peices would obviously be cheaper at the AH anyway so why would anyone buu from such merchants?
    Incredibly valid point, and I don't have an answer for that. The AH makes goods accessible for everyone and that is a nice convenience. I'm not sure I personally would want to see it go, and I'm not sure how fun it would be to spend hours trying to sell off goods while idly hanging around.

    Currently it just seems a shame that everything goes through the AH or Black Market and there is little incentive to run caravans between markets, and no place for a trader within the Black Zones. In fact, I treat the Black Zones like this: go in, roam around, get the stuff, and get out asap with the assumption everyone will murder me. I'm glad there is a full PVP zone where outlaws can play their way and I wouldn't want to change that. Even among outlaws, there is still some sense of order and honor. Cantinas, bounty boards and wetwork, temporary truces, trade of expensive weapons and goods to outfit the armies. In the Black Zone it seems the only form of "outlaw" behavior is kill on sight (or run the hell away) and leaves little room for anything else. You could argue that player interaction should be reserved for the Royal Continent, but that is dominated by AH and an overly simple crafting system. And there are only a handful of Red Zones on the Royal Continent. I enjoy the hostile Black Zone for its tension and high risk, high reward. It just seems so... straightforward.

    Going slightly off topic: My ultimate problem with AO, despite enjoying it, is the lack of... substance. The lack of personality. The lack of features and tools to engage the players and draw them together in ways that are meaningful (ie trade and raiding caravans). You can look at some of the trailers and see that this was something they wanted in their design but isn't really present in the game (that I've seen yet).
    "One tin soldier rides away..."