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    • The test server sometimes has small updates where we test out some behind-the-scene things. Bigger patches or important hot fixed will always come with patch notes, which are linked in the launcher. As for your live character appearing: that is normal, as the test server used (old) copied data from the live server.
    • Thanks for info reply
      When they are finished doing whatever they are doing on test server, does it revert back so that the character I was playing there is selectable again, or is that one permanently gone and I need to start again?

      I am nearly blind and finding the live server too crowded and I cant react in pvp zones, so I was finding the test server extremely enjoyable. But with zero economy I had to get all my tools and armor and gear and mounts, leveled and created myself, buildings fed etc. which I loved doing.
      I just want to know if I should wait a day or two to get that character back selectable on test, or start doing it all again, which repeating, I love doing anyway, but I don't want to waste the effort if its changing back again soon.