[HAS] Hashashin is recruting! PvP Guild

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  • [HAS] Hashashin is recruting! PvP Guild

    Hashashin is recruiting!

    Hashashin is a new and small guild currently based out of Martlock which main focus is PvP. Although we're based out of Martlock, we're looking to move to Carleon soon to begin expeditions into the Black Zones. We come from many backgrounds and levels of experience. No matter what your level of experience, we'll work with you to improve whatever it is you're doing. We are looking for crafters and gatherers if you're interested let us know! Remember that crafters and gatherers are the backbone of any guild. We know this and have a very strong belief that they're not slaves but and integral part of any operation. You will be taken care of in Hashashin!

    That being said, if anyone has any experience with PvP, whether it be Hellgates, dueling or world PvP, give me a shout and let's get you started! :thumbup:

    Right Hand

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