**IDEA** Map Coordinates + Zoom function on mini map

  • **IDEA** Map Coordinates + Zoom function on mini map


    A couple things I would like to see added to our map system would be to longitude/latitude coordinates, and a zoom function to the mini map at the bottom right. The below/attached screenshots show images from a game called "Helbreath" and how this could look in Albion. Let me know what you think about adding these features.


    • main screen with name and coord.jpg

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    • HB Mini map before zoon.jpg

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    • HB Mini map after zoon.jpg

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  • Skarnik wrote:

    Why would u ever need map cords? You can just ping the map for locations

    spindrift wrote:

    pings can only be seen by your guild. Useless for alliance allies who you arent guilded with. Mao coordinates be a big improvement.
    Yes, the current ping system isn't too great. You can only ping twice then need to wait and guild members can only see it. Plus pinging on the map is so vague, coords are exact locations.