Looking for a home [closest]

  • Looking for a home [closest]

    hi, i am looking for a guild,
    i am Dreconia i am based cerleon i would like to be in guild, so far i havend been a guild that is suiting me,
    even i need to trust the guild that have experince with ppl that they would having me in there guild
    with ppl know what they are doning in albion, so far so good for that i can make, progress in there guild
    jokes with so like having fun together play and enjoy the game of ao since the start of a brand new ao,
    i wish i could make my guild happy and support them with my charachter Dreconia as a legendary starter,
    so far so good i still need a lot to learn about my pvp experince and i know already the basic since the very start
    of ao, p.m in game to Dreconia or sent me a p.m to discord Dreco#7706 of to forum.albiononline.com/index.php/User/145088-Dreco/ on the forums.

    see u on ao
    regards Dreco
  • Hey there!

    Krypted Gaming is seeking new players to join our wonderful community. Our primary game is EVE Online, but we have ventured over to the lands of Albion to do great things.

    At the moment, our focus lies with getting our members comfortable in the game, as well as exploring the endgame content. Within 48 hours, we have already ventured out into the black zone and achieved high value player kills, alongside gathering. We intend to have as much fun as possible with the game, and that means exploring guild vs guild conflicts, owning territory, and building our own home in the world of Albion.

    More about us,
    • We are based in Caerleon (best location for endgame content)
    • We venture into the black zone daily for fun/gathering (only takes about a day to get to this point)
    • We typically roam in groups of 5-10
    • We have a mix of EU and US players
    • Stable, drama-free community
    The ideal Krypted member is,
    • Active (tons of chatter on Discord throughout the day)
    • Mature (18+)
    • Friendly & Respectful
    If you're just starting Albion and want a friendly community to learn with, we're the place.

    Join our Discord!

    Multi-game community, check out our guides
  • Oathbound is now recruiting new & experienced players.

    We are an PvP focussed guild, PvE players are welcome aswell.
    Our guild is a 18+ international guild, we try to focus on BZ farming and openworld PvP.
    Guild vs Guild is also one of our main goals.
    We are a starting guild which is now 20 players big, so do you like to
    pvp and be part of a small yet active guild that is growing big, then
    this is most likely a good place for you!
    We are part of the Nemesis alliance[NEMS] (this is a serious PvP alliance with great leadership and tactics) which is 172 players big. (at the moment of writing)

    We just moved our guild island to Caerleon and are in the process of upgrading it t4/t5 now.

    What can you expect from us:

    -Oathbound will serve and protect her members.
    -Oathbound is a fun and social guild.
    -Oathbound is PvP focussed with PvE on the side.
    -Oathbound has a 6% tax & tax free sundays.
    -Oathbound and the alliance have discord servers for voice communication.
    -We make organised groups to farm BZ area's.
    -We are new player friendly.

    What do we expect from you:

    -That you have a good dosis of humor.
    -That your are active on discord while playing in groups. (preferably always when playing ofcourse)
    -That you want to be part of a family and not just a Guild.
    -That you will always be real, and speak the truth.

    Are you interseted in what we have to offer and do you think you wil fit right in?
    Then don't hesitate to contact Justiice or Hrutur ingame for more information.

    Hope to see you soon!
  • Greetings Dreco!

    We are an International PvP focused Guild, currently on the lookout for European/Aussie Players,
    as well as anybody else who would like to join. Majority of our players are NA EST.

    What we are about

    - Providing a fun relaxed competitive setting for people
    - wrecking people, getting wrecked, and getting drunk.
    - Holding a strict 18+ only standard, we hate teenagers.
    - Everyday activity, Hellgates, and Blackzone Roams
    - Pretending we know how to make money
    - Based in caerleon

    We have been dreaming for a BZ territory and
    We currently train on yellow and red territories and are slowly preparing for BZ.
    Hop on our discord!

  • Hi Dreco,

    I actively seek out self sufficient members of the Albion community. I strongly believe in a players ability to self-maintain will only strengthen the group as a whole, and you will be able to help others instead of beg like many that play this game. I would gladly like to discuss the specifics of our group with you, I implore you to check us out.

    Our mission is find other like-minded mature adults that want to learn, and have fun playing Albion together. We seek friendships that we can maintain for future games to come.

    Currently in Albion, we have a guild based out of Lymhurst, and we have most of our buildings upgraded to T5. We currently have formed an alliance with [TLP]<The Last Prophecy>. This alliance now gives us access to guild cities in every major city in Albion, as well as the ability to connect with over 700 competent helpful members/veterans. We have No guild tax on any of our buildings, and we are massively recruiting for more players of all roles. Please check out our recruitment page here!

    Join our discord here!

    Look forward to meeting you!

    Shinigami King

    The Only True Open World PvP Guild