Breaking and Entering

  • Breaking and Entering

    Good evening everyone, while working today I was thinking about Albion and
    how I could give out some of my ideas to help the game be more fun and engaging.
    As you have could have guessed it by the picture I will be talking about lock picking.
    While a simple idea it could provide a number of engaging scenarios to the players.
    +A great example would be when lock picking treasure chests or hidden doors, you could
    stumble upon a great fortune.
    +Or you could set off a trap or alarm, the latter alerting enemies nearby of your presence.
    +Lock picking skills could also be expanded out to towns and cities, where you could "break in"
    to NPC houses and stores, "maybe" even player houses.

    While writing this out, I noticed that if this skill is implemented, the skill of crafting lock boxes
    would also have to be implemented, this way players could craft secure treasure chests and
    locks for their homes, and even enchanting them to further deter thief's from intruding in to your
    personal space.

    Lastly, the skill enchantment would also have to be implemented, for the mentioned reasons
    above. Which could lead to players being able to enchant their gear. What do I mean by that?
    Well, here is a scenario for you. You are out and about doing your own cool thing, then out of
    nowhere you get PK'ed. BAAM, SPLAT...dead. Well what do you do now? Reforge your
    awesome gear? Or maybe try and get back at the player? Well, with your enchanted equipment
    you wont have to worry about the gear not being there when you run back to the spot of you
    demise.Why? Because like every good enchanter you have placed charms and wards on your
    gear, which in turn activate when another player who has killed you tries to pick them up.

    These charms and wards could do a myriad of things for you....
    +A player would need a specific number of a stat to pick the item up, umm...lets say you placed
    a charm of "Precise Stat." on your war hammer, once PK'ed the enemy player would have to have
    the specific stat of 876 STR.
    +Or your items could expel a noxious gas that does damage over time.
    +Maybe the enemy player could be cursed for a period of time. Like a 2 min slow down effect.
    or blurry vision.

    Thats all I have for now, most of these ideas take shape from previous games I have played,
    one specific game that comes to mind would be Exile III: Ruined World, a very old but good game.