Food for buildings

    • Food for buildings

      Im not making enough food and I tried to add money and the percentage is not going up..the food supply is still only at 1 and 2%
      Where do I add money to help that? I went to administrative and added some under feeding reward but its still not helping! How do I get it up quickly? Im not wanting my building to decay!
    • Hi Shannon,

      Are you the only person using your building? Is it on a personal island? It will not decay on a personal island. Grow carrots, and make carrot soup. Just feed your building enough when you want to use the building. One carrot soup provides 62 nutrition to a T4 refining building. Then you can refine 62 T4 stone blocks for example.

      If your building is on a city plot and other players are using it, you have have to do the math, to see how much you need to feed it. Adding silver does not increase feed level. The only purpose of adding silver is a reward for other players to feed your building in order to use it.
    • Make food of the same tier as the building or higher. The best option is to stick with the soups (Cabage soup) untill you can make pot pies.

      Edit: Also as Zarf said, dont try to overfeed them in the begining. Only if your buildings are T5 (except for the stone cutter) and higher would I start to overfeed them because it will take a long time to upgrade these buildings any way.

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    • go buy some food lol I grow enough to feed my guild and plenty to sell if it was worth it. food in the markets is cheap right now. adding money to the building only helps if you let farmers know it is available, as most of us are too lazy to search every city looking for a building to feed. I used to feed all of kings market if they paid. Harder to do that here managing these focus cost for watering. Any of you struggling to feed your buildings only need to contact me in game and i am sure we can come up with a fair exchange.

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    • @Balarick Yes. Go around the city and look for buildings with a Nutrition Reward. You can see it by clicking on the building, then click on the building's npc portrait, when you highlight it, it says switch to management view (the circle icon that says "Hello Traveler, come take a look") and scroll to the bottom.

      In this building's case, there's no more silver available even if you feed the building.

      Hope that helps.