Maybe Wipe The Game

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  • BloodyOwnage wrote:

    Korn wrote:

    Just to avoid any confusion:

    We have absolutely *no* intention to wipe the game.
    Did you have intention to shut it down for 24 hours to deal with DDoS? Did you have intention to do all the rollbacks? Did you have intention for the lagfest on castle battles? Intention for blackscreens? Intention for downtime?
    Intentions come and go, this thread is about what makes sense, if you decide not to do it - your game.
    Did you really just create some kind of equivalency between shutting down the server for 24 hours to wiping weeks of thousands of players progress?

    Thats such a ridiculous false equivalency that i really dont even know how to respond.

    In the end it doesnt matter, they already stated they will not be performing a game wipe. Games that go live avoid doing content wipes like the plague because the cost is simply too high and gets considerably higher after every day.
  • Maybe instead of a radical server wipe, during down times on the server Sandbox could show PowerPoint slides or something on their launcher for a correspondence class or something. Maybe teach the fan base a skill like refrigerator repair or welding or even something as basic as juggling. Use the server downtime as an advantage to teach the masses about great works of literature or art.
  • just out of curiosity,in which guild do u play that u want to wipe the server? I guess it's not because a DDoS attack as yes we're experiencing a poor connection stability but nothing has been damaged. I think people like you wants the 'wipe' as second chance to have a easier life in albion after you got few weeks of experience.

    Sorry Pal, not gonna happen, you have to do it in the hard way

    you found an excuse in the DDoS to try to get better territories. That's what I see when people wants a server wiped
  • the problem with wiping a persistent open world once is that it questions as to if it will happen again. with the knowledge that wipes = players leaving in mass with evidence from the years of beta's i cant see it ever happening.

    if you want something bad enough, just put the time in and go earn it. its a marathon not a sprint
  • As an American, I don't see European players getting an advantage over anyone else. I just don't agree with this. Combine the fact that daily maintenance happens during midday/late morning for Europe, with the server outages everyone faces, and this is just false.

    This is why the rest of the world thinks we Americans are self-centered and entitled.

    Furthermore, you wipe the servers, and I'm out. I haven't leveled all my gathering skills on that insane grind just to lose it all. My leaving probably won't make much of a difference, and no one would care really, but I doubt I'd be the only one leaving.
  • Learn something new everyday, before this i didnt even know humans r capable of such unintelligent thinking. Server wipe, wow, just wow.

    Oh sht ive a bad day, and some other ppl just won lottery, damn we should all go back in time. Human race as a whole have absolutely no chance of surviving the next 100 yrs, ppl getting stupider by the day,
  • Anikulapo wrote:

    People asking for a wipe are seriously brain dead lol
    Wow this was your actual first post. You literally came to forums to bring this level of knowledge here. Wow.. just.. Wow..

    agrias wrote:

    Learn something new everyday, before this i didnt even know humans r capable of such unintelligent thinking. Server wipe, wow, just wow.
    So this is your best argument right? Keep us posted.
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  • Hantaro wrote:

    You can't wipe server, they will lost too many player.

    Most people don't want to loose what they fight for even if they are casual. Because they take time to play and get what they have now. :)
    You'll lose the players that matter and that's what you don't want.

    Most constant complainers are also game hoppers. They go from game to game, complaining and making noise. If the developers are stupid, they listen to these snowflakes, make changes, and then lose the little fucks when they hop off to the next game. If they're smart, they ignore them because they know those people won't have longevity in ANY game let alone their game, no matter what changes the they make.

    Some customers are expendable.
  • Hey, an alternative to trying to force a complete wipe on the entire player-base, why not offer a voluntary individual player wipe option. As a reward for players that opt to wipe their character due to overwhelming guilty feeling about possibly having an unfair advantage over a portion of the player-base, they will be granted a -Halo- that will float over their head in game. The intensity of the Halo effect should be determined by the value of the goods and the skills lost.

    While I am obviously just kidding, I do think there would be surprising number of takers on this option.
  • I invested time and money and started on the third [vet] my sig progress plus 309premium day.... if we had wipe I would...

    not worry cause I have played diablo Pv server which wipes every 2 month XD so im use to it.

    However I would enjoy it cause of the rage it would cause... im up for some chaos and salt tears XD
    Random dungeon