About DDoS - Traceroute to loginserver (check hop 8)

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  • About DDoS - Traceroute to loginserver (check hop 8)

    So I know you have right now a DDoS attack and it suck but well, shit happens. I get the login server IP and DNS name to do a Tracert (traceroute) command and check each hop well probably this dont tell you nothing or at least nothing new but who knows, check hop eight, the ping there is to high maybe from there the DDoS are coming and maybe you can redirect the traffic for other node, but for the name Im not pretty sure if is something public at washington probably it's out of your hand modify that but well there you have the IP maybe you can stop the traffic for that IP and pull of IPs I dont know, Im not a Albion Online IT worker and I dont have information from the server side so well I hope this can help you.

    Btw If I'm doing a ping -t yourloginserver with 32 bytes (normal ping) to know when I can login the game, this will be a problem for you? Obviously isn't a DDoS attack or at least a hard one but I dont want get banned form my account or IP xD

    Ah for security I cross out the name and IP for login server.