[Suggestion] Re-opening Pandora's Box - Outdoor Storage

  • [Suggestion] Re-opening Pandora's Box - Outdoor Storage

    Suggestion: Restoring Outdoor open-permissions storage, with restrictions
    • Consumable - once deployed, it can't be picked up or recovered
    • Degradable - Durability loss begins at time of deployment (24 hours - 1% / 14.4 minutes). Remaining Inventory is destroyed.
    • Usable - Items may be placed in or removed from after it is deployed but before durability reaches zero
    • Open - No permissions may be set
    • Affordable - Crafting will cost materials and Silver (T3 - T6 maybe. 3, 6, 9, & 12 storage respectively)
    • Protected - Just like loot bags, its placement doesn't take up space and it cannot be destroyed with demolition hammers.
    Inspiration: Chests from Spring 2014 alpha test
    One of the things I enjoyed during the Spring 2014 alpha test was the chest. It was placeable in may places outdoor locations, and allowed for finite storage. What I liked most was that it was open (no permissions). However, there were issues as well.​

    Other Factors:

    Missing Combination: Open Permissions in Unlimited locations
    Inventory ContainersTypeLocation
    CharacterPersonalLocal Only :)
    City BankPersonalLocation restricted
    Battle VaultPersonalLocation limited (local now)
    ChestPersonal to Open (permissions depending) Location limited (land and building requirements)
    MarketplaceOpenLocation Restricted
    Suggested StorageOpenUnlimited

    Missing Combination: Indirect Trade in Unlimited locations
    Trade LocationInteraction TypeLocation Type
    Player to PlayerDirectUnlimited
    Shared ChestIndirectLimited (land and building requirements)
    Suggested StorageIndirectUnlimited

    Possible Benefits:
    1. Black Market - Indirect nearly-private trade with others separated by distance in Albion, or IRL (play times)
    2. Harvesting Aid. - a. you can't mount an ox over a certain encumberance b. possible use in group harvesting
    3. Being Nice - You can leave things for other players to find, like at the end of a dungeon
    4. Being Smart - With the death penalty being what it is, if you can drop some gear in a nook or cranny of a dungeon, it should be safe from your own actions (PvE or PvP)
    5. Being Safe - If you don't want to risk the loss of some gear or goods, you can drop part of it and come back for the rest
    6. Land Management - Even with limited duration, it may be beneficial to guilds, as it doesn't take up land that is needed for production / military buildings, or farming.
    7. Repairman - A guild could drop their damaged gear for a crafter to repair, re-arm and get back into the action, without having to trash or salvage their damaged gear.
    Let me know your thoughts! :)
  • I'll be honest, I played the Spring 2014 alpha and wasn't a fan of the "open access." However, I do like the benefits that you have mentioned and we (Motion) have even spoken of the desire to drop a chest in a dungeon.

    If I might offer my two cents...

    Make the chest have permissions (dependent on the tier, personal/guild/alliance.)

    However, make the chests susceptible to damage from siege hammers in PvP enabled zones (or whatever hammers were needed to destroy buildings...drawing a blank on that right now.) Give an alert to the chest owner the moment the chest starts to take damage (allows for the opportunity for PvP) and once the chests durability hits 0% the items inside become lootable.


    My referral code...feel free to use it :)
  • I really liked those chest we had in the Spring test. All your ideas are great, except I too, prefer secure chest, either personal or settable permissions. 24 hour duration is fine, but to not be abused only allow a few, like 5 chest to be created per player per 24 hour period. Chest cannot be placed on roads, or blocking any cave entrances, or bottleneck areas like the middle of zones where there are only two ramps that give access to center area, and not in cities, unless your personal plot.
  • Well, ok. How about a rework of the idea some.

    I have two target audiences: The solo player and guilds. Tier 3 and 4 could be targeted at a player level, and Tier 5 and Tier 6 could target a guild audience. To make this work, perhaps T3 and T4 might be sacks, like loot bags. A bag can't really have settable permissions as it is a bag (no locks), and necessarily present a risk v. reward factor toward their use. Perhaps the storage suggested could then be 6 for T3 and 9 for T4. If there is no security, and they don't limit movement, there is no need for them to be destructible beyond the normal duration

    For the guild targeted storage, you would have T5 and T6 chests perhaps the storage would be at least 12 and 18. Permissions would be able to be set (the chest locks), and they would be destructible with siege hammers. With permissions come additional possibilities

    Additional uses:
    1. Supply Dump - You may be able to keep a reserve of weapons and armor for castle sieges. Or drop reserve equipment for really difficult events, like alpha ending event
    There may be more, but I need more coffee before I can think of them...