Destiny Board Butcher Levels

  • Destiny Board Butcher Levels

    This isn't so much a bug, but perhaps something forgotten about during development.

    Your butcher skill on the Destiny Board states "Passive Bonuses: +2.5 specialization bonus to focus cost efficiency while preparing meat." As it stands, you are unable to use crafting focus when preparing meat at the butcher. I assume this is because crafting focus (nor the 15% return mats in town) cannot work on mount animals or butchered animals.

    With this in mind, does this Destiny Board skill do nothing other than the 0.3% focus cost efficiency increase for all cooking? I've asked on Reddit with no insight or answer from the community with a few upvotes. I'd imagine it's not something that many worry about, but I'd like to know if this is a bug or if it's intended before I invest time and effort into raising it.