Gods of Gold Recruitment.(Free guild refining)

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    • Gods of Gold Recruitment.(Free guild refining)

      ...:::Recruiting Miners, Crypt dwellers, expedition nuts, all active players!:::...

      Hello Adventurer

      Gods of Gold is a guild consisting of Casual/Hardcore players who are interested in helping when and however they can in their own way. Also staying active & social.
      We value both organization and communication a lot.

      What we can offer

      • Organized and active discord
      • International; Active Daily
      • Expeditions, Crypts, Hellgates
      • Buildings with 0% tax
      • Gear replacement T1-4. T5 coming soon
      • Mounts to Officer+
      • Open guild resources to Guild Crafters

      What we are looking for

      • Players that are Social & Active
      • Dedicated gatherers of all Tiers!

      How to apply

      • Reply to this post with the following:
        • In game name -
        • What's the highest tier of tool you can use and which one is it -
        • Fame for killing mobs -
        • Fame for gathering -
        • What's your main build? -
        • Do you have any black or red zone experience? If yes, which? -
        • Reason you'd like to join -
      Join our discord!
      GoG Discord

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