[SWIFT] GUNGNIR small EU/International PvX Social/casual clan. Lymhurst

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    • [SWIFT] GUNGNIR small EU/International PvX Social/casual clan. Lymhurst

      Updated 26/9 to reflect current status

      Well met! Thanks for considering GUNGNIR as your guild in the world of Albion!

      GUNGNIR is:
      • A social & casual PvX clan.
      • A clan of players looking for positive and helpful company, while delivering those attributes themselves.
      • An international clan, welcoming all nationalities(English language)!
      • having a long term goal to work towards experiencing most, if not all, the game has to offer.
      • For everyone, both beginning and experienced players alike, regardless of the time they have available to play the game.
      • Maintaining and updating our Guild Island.
      • going to have cozy guild events, like tournaments, naked runs, etc.
      • letting members vote weekly on the tax %.(need to apply on this site to be able to vote)
      Our Guild Island is based in Lymhurst currently T5, sporting T5 & T6 buildings. All other buildings are on private Islands with guild access.
      We have an small island in Caerleon with guild access, sporting a gearbank for minimizing loss, should death strikes when in red and black zone runs.
      We currently have a tax on 10%, which goes to feed our buildings and upgrade the Guild Island. The amount of tax is up for voting each Sunday. Buildings are free to use for members.

      We welcome newbs, vets, solo players, PvE'rs and PvP'rs, crafters and gatherers; all are welcome, regardless of tier and focus, the exception being gankers of gatherers, the unflagged and the unguilded.
      Only requirement really, is that you read and agree to our Description and CoC. A more detailed guild description can be HERE on our website.

      If this sounds like something that might be for you, including our CoC, join our ranks on a mutual trial basis, by applying here, ingame(EU timezones, /w Gromarch or Epsicat. NA /w Braincloud) or on our website, linked in my sig, which also sports our Code of Conduct, full Guild Island development illustration, forum, etc.

      Gromarch & Epsicat.

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    • Got a few more buildings to T5 at our guild island. Also got a few more fantastic members! :D
      More are welcome! Please apply here, ingame(/whisper Gromarch or Epsicat) or on our website, linked in my sig, which also sports our Code of Conduct, full Guild Island development illustration, forum, etc.
      Well met, players of all kind and experience! :)
    • Hello Guild
      I am Stormlord and I am the GM of the founder guild of the Elysium Alliance (tag - eden)
      I have come to this thread and many others I find to be pretty good guys and gals in the hope that you would like to join and alliances that has one rule

      "don't be a dick"
      this in itself makes it revolutionary but we are determined to have a solid group of good guilds to tie into our Pentagram System.
      What this is a guild island in every city with a local orbling branch attached to each.
      If this interests you please let me know or if not...
      free bump then :)

      CLS Discord


      CL FREEDOM!!!

    • Updated OP to reflect current status.
      Our guild island is up to T4, have a majority of T5 buildings, the rest at T4.
      Our first tax vote has been completed, keeping it on 10% for the following week; tax voting happens each Sunday forward.
      Updated the info on Ranks in the Description at our website.
      Never hesitate to contact me in game if any questions. :)
    • Since last week, we've gotten our Warrior Smith, Saddler, Weaver and Mage Tower to tier 5 and the lumber mill to tier 6.
      Furthermore, we've got some new members, both from from EU and NA.
      As the game progress, players find their areas of interest in the game, that they like to spend time on.
      On that note, we must stress the fact that we do not set demands for peoples playstyle, specialization, time or whatever.
      Everyone that agrees to our CoC and like our guild description, both found on our website, can join.
      We've added some events in our calendar, with some loose start times for all and any to participate in.
      We´ve had our first Red Zone Gathering Run, which was a pretty intensive affair that yielded loads of mats and was great fun!
      Looking forward to more of those. :)
    • Guild hall finally T5; it has been neglected somewhat :D

      Let me emphasize;
      We do welcome both NA and EU members, and all other able to communicate in english! At the moment we're 50/50 EU/NA, 30+ members
      We do welcome PvP'ers, that will be part of teams for Hellgates, World Chests, Gatherer protection runs, Outlaw hunting, etc. Actually we could use more good minded players that are up for this and trading with our crafters!
      We do also welcome PvE'ers that are into doing Dungeons, Expeditions, Gathering and Crafting. Always room for more, since we welcome players from all over the timezone.
      And just to make it clear; it's important that our members play with what gear they wish to. We can always use another tank or healer, but do what you find most fun.
      Even if it means harvesting cloth 10 hours a day., you'll be welcome.
      This game calls for a synergy of all player types and we can all benefit from each other in a good way. :)
    • We will have a friendly(and harmless) duelling tournament for our members, where both judges and medics will be present.
      There are magnificent prizes to be won each week and a special prize for the 2 monthly finalists.
      In order to keep it equal for all participants, all equipment are restricted to T4, flat; no enhancements and only normal quality. This goes for all armor and weapons.

      Read all about it in our EVENT calendar.

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    • A thing that puzzles me, is that a good deal of our new members sounds happily surprised when we found out that we help each other in this guild.
      Well that's part of the guild description that I thought obvious, but apparently not. So now that's clear. :thumbsup:
      We're still looking to slowly grow, attracting only those that like our description and CoC and think Gungnir could be a place for them.
      Both EU and NA are welcome! We're around 50/50 of each.
    • Welcome to the gungir forum post.
      If u are looking for a fun guild that has a growing community and does fun group events.
      Or even if ur just looking for a bunch of people to chat with while gathering and ahve a good time u have definitely found the guild for u.
      Visit our site to check our code of conduct and see if gungnir is something for u.

      Have a nice day all , and il see you in the world of albion :D