Mount - Encampment/Wagon

  • Mount - Encampment/Wagon

    I think it'd be nice if there were there another type of gathering mount with a particular focus on working one particular area for a long period.

    The defining trait of such a mount would be that its 'radius' when the player is not mounted is relatively large. This enables the player to gather resources from a larger area without having to mount again.

    Possible balancing properties:
    • A 'dismount' time, which represents the time to set up the camp.
    • Slow mount speed
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  • Additionally, it could have a slow remount speed. I'm not sure you meant the action of mounting, or the speed of the mount's movement. But if it is slower to perform the mount action, that creates more risk in the PVP zones and makes things more interesting for the gankers.

    While, simultaneously, if you have that party buff FlackJacket mentioned, you could gather a nice little group around you and be better protected against zerg groups.

    Going a little crazy here: Only the owner of the mount can officially mount and steer it (slow mount time), but up to 3 other party members can hop in the carriage portion with a fast mount time once the leader has already mounted it. Weight balancing would have to be considered. If the players inside aren't graphically visible, this would make a small PVP group reconsider ganking - not knowing how many players are in the carriage.
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