DDOS Attack (latest Update UTC 18:39)

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    seriously, this is getting annoying as fuck. 80% of the time i try to play the fucking servers are down?
    Can't a n- play some albion when he gets home from a 8-10 hour work day?
    The downtime is really fucking me over. I legit had just 4 days where i logged in and had 0 issues.

    People complain about players wanting a compensation. But i feel like it's in its place. For a working person as me, it's nearly impossible to play albion these days.
    I feel screwed over as I payed 100 and not being able to play.
    you sir paid 100$ for a game that's barely even out well that's you're problem right their why spend that much on a game that hasn't even been fully realsied. That YOU KNOW will have problems then you cry about it ohh i spent this much money ohh im not getting to play awwww how sad thats you're fault for not been smart enough to know that these things happen and it was you're choice to spend that much money on this game
    You sir, got shards of glass in your vagina.
    and you sir seem to think you are entitled to every thing in existence to be at you're very fingure tips news flash buddy life don't work that way shit happens
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    Fake DDOS
    Juste des serveurs en mousse ;)
    une politique de l'économie, un seul serveur IG pour contenir 20k joueurs, sandbox s'est prit pour blizzard :rire:
    Et l'erreur 499 c'est "l'attaque" aussi ? xD
    Et ces kids qui gobent absolument tout c'que le staff fofo mentionne :issou:
    hehe, what the guy exactly said :)
    Like about 650 messages on this thread (included mine one), Nothing really interesting :whistling:
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    To be honest, the point of apologies is far past. We are at almost one month after the release and the game conditions are still bad at best. At this point, the best you have to do is to start issuing refunds before people start to fil lawsuits.
    Law suits against what? Them being DDoS'ed? Good luck with that...
    Not that I would spend my time for such things, but to be honest, but... From where I come from this is called failure to provide paid services. And I think not meeting the industry standard of protection from DDoS (IF this is a DDoS) would not file under the force majeur clauses. Of course only if such things as half-a-day or a day of non-connectivity would happe on a regular basis.Many find it less than amusing to pay 25 eur for an indy game at beta level AND receive such problems.Anyway, wish the best f luck and waiting to play this beautiful game :)
    Industry standard? Bigger fish have fallen foul to DDoS attacks than this game - I highly doubt people put forward law suits against the likes of Sony for not being able to play FIFA when they've spent loads on buying Gold Packs? A DDoS attack is completely out of their control - no-one would succeed in a law suit.
    1. I said IF this is a DDoS attack. And not their internal problems.2. Define "fallen"? A once-off hit? Yes, as I said, repeatability is key. One hit, two hits, yeah no case. 3-4 times per month for 4-6 hours? I am a lawyer myself. I think there would be a clear case of the service provider failing to...well, provide his services. That's when you get a refund. It is not your problem that the enterprise fails to protect itself, it's theirs. You purchase the game with the intent for it to be accessible.3. I also highly doubt anyone would go to court. I easily could, a short claim is worth 1-2 hours of my work tops. Not that i WILL do it, buth the possibility of a positive outcome in most EU jurisdictions is quite high in my opinion.

    Therefore, YES people can easily succeed in lawsuits if problems such as this will become repeated. Another thing the administration should put in consideration. Repeatability.
    Lol yeah right.
    You won't be sued for a DDoS attack, it's not your fault. When corporations like Microsoft, Blizzard, EA and Sony struggle with them there is little hope for an indie company.
    People are overreacting, we are getting compensated with premium for the time we lose, and the developer is being open with us. Also, if it was a pure traffic issue the servers wouldn't be going down in late night US/Early morning Europe. It would be going down during prime time.

    It's clearly a DDoS attack targeting specific servers, which is why the game will work at times outside of specific sections.

    Repeated inability to access your purchased goods is the problem of the enterprise, which is providing the service. The customers do not and need not to care.
    According to your logic the enterprise could just collect the money for the game and then spend a fracture of collected moneys to DDoS it themselves and neer even develop the game.

    What? You wouldn't have a problem with that in your little world.

    But outside of fantasy realm (pun not intended) there are customer rights, trade regulations, civil law and a plethora of other interesting and quite amusing things, you clearly have no idea about.
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    There is a reason why people get warned about alpha and betas games so if you bought it and now crying then thats your fault for not doin you're research
    Yet you're here, crying over people complaining.I bet you're even saltier than the people complaining here.

    You're just salty yourself by the fact you can't play so you act like the fucktard you are
    you seem mad bro honestly truth be told i dont *like*this game only reason why i am playing it is cuz my mates wouldnt shut up about it granted this game is good for passing time but it isnt what i enjoy so i dont care that the server is down cuz i have a life and other more important things to do like deal with cry babies like ya self over fourms and laugh and smile about it that been said i hope they get the game up soon so these lil whiny babys can stop wasting admins time by having to post the same crap over and over again so please get mad at me try to insult me it comes down to the fact you sir are angry asf
  • Honestly there is no excuse for the fiasco Albion has been the last 3 weeks
    You obviously delivered a game that you weren't prepared for
    DDO's , lag, black screens, unable to login, black screens, did I say black screens yet?
    You need to address that not today not tomorrow, yesterday
    And for ppl saying that there is no way you can demand a refund u rly got no clue everyone and when I say everyone I mean everyone can demand a refund
    they were specific that their game will be up daily 90% of time

    I suppose up 90% of time for them means the black screens, hrs trying to login, lags, black screens and more blackscreens