Letter to Gankers

  • Letter to Gankers

    Dear Gankers,

    I write to you , to give you courage. I know the last weeks haven't been easy , all these direct and indirect buffs to gatherers , but PLEASE don't make this discourage you. Gankers or "pirates" , are the core of this type of sandbox game. I'm not a ganker this time around ( SB in Eve ) , I actually just rerolled a gatherer but I'm afraid these changes will drive you away from ganking , and take away one of the best aspects of this game..
    Scrolling the forum I've seen that alot of you are still active and rolling , I suggest you to read these posts: How beautifull it is when these carebears cry , "I'm out" , "This game sucks" , "I'm stuck , can't gather in black zone with my ox because zergs ( 3 players ) kill me , this is bs".

    Read their cries, Listen to their cries, Feel their cries and Drink their tears.

    Looking forward to being stabbed in the back while mining,

  • I pretty much quitted the game because of the 3 seconds change. After the change I gathered for a couple days and eventually quitted, the game lost its soul completely, it is no longer fun.

    You still can gank, but you gotta prepare yourself, make a team, walk on foot, have great communication, share loot with everyone... and ganking is just not that profitable/fun to demand that kind of preparation.

    What this change killed is not ganking, it killed the casual and fun ganking, it also killed gather/gank groups.

    Now you can't solo gather and every now and then engage in combat to spicy things up... this change destroyed casual fun fights.

    I don't see people fighting anymore, everyone just passes by... a couple days ago when I was still playing I was skinning a boar, 2 dudes stopped right next to me mounted, and after a few seconds they moved on... they knew that if they dismounted I would just mount up and flee.

    The thrill and fun of the game is gone because if this simple change IMO. I don't want to login and mindlessly gather for hours and hours, I want some action too.
  • lmaooo. I had 2 dudes stop next to me while I was mining on t4 horses and I literally just typed in Say "yes? Can I help You? Little busy here gathering k thnx bye."

    I guess that triggered them so they dismounted and boy I WAS ALREADY HALF WAY THROUGH THE MAP lmao. They couldn't do shit.

    No risks. Carebear Online strikes again.