Please re-think warcamps (or add more warcamps)

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    • Please re-think warcamps (or add more warcamps)

      For love of baby Jesus Christ, do something with:

      a) Insufficient amount of warcamps with suitable timer (for central Europe there is like 1-2 usable warcamps in Royals). What's the reason to not have warcamp on every other map? If nothing else, it would help with current issue (holding more territories than you have GvG teams just because you don't need one GvG team per territory).

      b) Timing of GvG and timing of declaration. Having to fight GvG while there is 150 people fighting 2 screens from you trying to declare/pacify. Either move timing of GvG to happen 2h before/after declaration window, or move GvG to instance (preferred, so there are no other interferences from willing and very zergy alliances).

      c) GvG declaration. This game brags how it's about skillful 5v5 but yet who brings numbers is the winner when it comes to declaration of war.

      d) Introduce hard limit on numbers of territories per alliance. If somebody want to have 10k member alliance, let him, but don't let him own whole game just because of it. They already have superiority in open world, right?