Alliance [FREE] 'Goose Grass' - union of independent guilds

  • Alliance [FREE] 'Goose Grass' - union of independent guilds


    Our Alliance is called “Goose Grass”. Why is that so? It is a symbol of freedom and independence for us. We are eternal vagabonds, we choose our own place under the sun and nobody guides us. We benefit this world by healing each other’s wounds and being resilient in the face of adversity.
    We are casual alliance. We do not lay claims to the world dominance and all that nonsense. Our goal is to defend our guilds’ independence against other forces. We unite to fight them back, to stand up for our portion of fun in Albion Online. It is represented in our tag – [FREE].

    Alliance info:
    Our goal is to unite independent guilds no matter the size, to represent casual and solo-style gamers community, to cooperate in PvE, PvP, logistics and manufacturing.

    Who do we seek:
    We are seeking positive and adequate guilds no matter the size and in-game progress. We need to unite because it is much harder to survive alone in a harsh Albion Online world (and most importantly, not so fun). Headhunters and crafters, merchants and bounty hunters, paladins and dark cultists - everyone will find his or hers spot here. We are welcoming positive and adequate people. The only requirement is to accept alliance rules listed below.

    Alliance charter:
    1) Any forms of toxicity, negativity, bad behavior, obscene language are forbidden.
    2) Players known for bug usage, cheats, bots usage will be reported.
    3) Albion is a fantasy game beyond real life politics, religion, nationalities, etc. It is unwelcome to discuss these topics.
    4) Every alliance member is self-sufficient and free to do anything he or she wants as long as he or she does not come into conflict with other alliance members.
    5) Alliance speaking languages - English, Russian.

    Our policy:
    There are many guilds, alliances and unions in Albion Online, each with its own goals, interests and ways to achieve them. Our goal is to unite to increase our competitiveness, to stand for our independence in face of other communities. We unite so that casual players will not feel themselves lost in Albion Online.

    What we can provide:
    Our core guild is more than 300 people strong. We value freedom, individuality and self-organization and project these values to our alliance. We run caravans, organize PvP and PvE events on a regular basis. We are welcoming new people to join us. We would also like to take part in your events, protect you caravans and bring nemesis to your enemies. We are actively learning to PvP, the more fights the merrier!

    What we cannot provide:
    To do something obligatory. We are a union of casual and independent players and everything we do is done by our own free will and not by someone superior’s command. If you want something done, ask about in chat and if you didn't get and answer this time - just organize it yourself. Self-organization is our core.

    Who rules this alliance:
    Nobody. Each guild is an independent unit and makes decisions of its own whether to participate in a given activity or not. The only thing which is controlled somehow - following rules accordingly to our Charter; this made by Alliance founder - Tangar.

    Alliance entry:
    Alliance entry is free. There are no taxes. To enter please write a few words about your guild in our alliance discord channel "alliance_chat_english" and we would send you an invitation in-game.

    Useful links:

    Alliance news and info:

    Our discord channel [FREE] Goose Grass:

    Tangar’s youtube channel with Alliance events:
    RU: – streams; – news&review.
    EN: – streams; – MMORPG news&reviews

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  • 1) We got 600+ players in alliance
    2) we started ally roamings in Black Zones. Our first newbie PvE-PvP event:

    It was fun! We had loads of experience from it (characer and real, game exp :D) and learn at our mistakes :)

    Join us, the more - the merrier!
    RU: – streams; – news&review.
    EN: – streams; – MMORPG news&reviews
  • Yesterday we got big event - we had more then 40 players army and got a lot of battle experinece in Black Zones PvP :D


    Join us to become part of something bigger!
    RU: – streams; – news&review.
    EN: – streams; – MMORPG news&reviews
  • We've decided to stop recruitment of English-speaking players cause it's very hard to communicate during PvP raids in two languages. From now on our main language is Russian. So if you wanna to join - we would be glad to accept you, but you have to take into account that most of communication would in Russian.

    Nevertheless, we would be very glad to make friends with English-speaking guilds and alliances with similar concepts. Feel free to contact us for diplomatic relationship.

    Have a good day!
    RU: – streams; – news&review.
    EN: – streams; – MMORPG news&reviews