How to Fix the Plot system and the risk of Gold sellers attacking owners.

  • How to Fix the Plot system and the risk of Gold sellers attacking owners.

    How to Fix the Plot system and the risk of Gold sellers attacking owners.

    Currently the plot system in Albion places the owners in direct competition with people's wallets. A person can purchase a substantial amount of gold from SBI , convert it to silver, then use it to outbid the owner of said plots. The glaring issue beyond the P2W nature is that I doubt SBI anticipated gold sellers entering this arena. Gold sellers don’t just sell gold, they sell services as well. To provide these services they must establish themselves within the plot system of Albion for several reasons.

    1. Passive income from buildings is extremely lucrative and especially in the hands of a gold seller where they can turn that silver into Real life dollars then rinse and repeat.
    2. If they wish to provide items/weapons for sale they will want to use these plots to craft said items. This lowers their overall cost and increases profits in game and real life.
    3. Gold sellers are more likely to invest high amounts of real life dollars because instead of focusing on game progression like other guilds which lowers the liquid available funds to bid, they simply focus on making more silver to then flip back into real life currency and rinse and repeat.

    At the moment the plot selling cap is 10 million silver. Why is there an arbitrary cap of real estate in the game? Even the larger 4 plots are capped at this rate providing almost no reason to put a plot for sale and rather hope that your auction goes for much more, but remember you only receive a 50% return if your property is sold at auction. On top of this there is no drawback /risk to bidding on properties. There is no hindrance to someone placing bids every month of the same guild’s/person’s plots meanwhile the owner is forced to pay these bids over and over till their coffers run dry. Now the people that could reasonably implement this strategy are Gold Sellers because the plots value to a gold seller lives in the real life profits that they will make. A regular player that “pays” too much for a plot will receive a limited return restricted to in game currency while the markup from a gold sellers items/services will more than make up for any initial overbidding.

    So now you have a system that has severely limited your ability to buy and sell the properties in game while leaving the player base vulnerable to direct outside influence from illegal activity.

    How Can This Be Fixed?

    As a real estate professional I would suggest the following system to be implemented to safeguard your player base from hostile bidding and create an environment where it is up to the plot owner to manage the property correctly while being in fair competition with other property owners.

    1. Remove Auctions from the game and install a Property Tax on every plot. Like in the real world this tax will be based on the value of the plot (It’s up to SBI to determine the criteria for this) However I would suggest for this tax to be somewhat expensive.
      Why?... Because If the cost is higher then your profit margins are smaller therefore requiring you to manage your plot in greater detail to make profit.
    2. Keep Durability. Like every property there is regular maintenance that requires repair. This was a great addition. I would suggest also having to keep your Worker happy by giving them hard to find in game items so that their efficiency remains high. One day they may want a T5 artifact, the next maybe a broadsword.
    3. Remove any and all Caps on selling a plot. Also create an interface that allows the owner to receive offers for their plot as well as alloying for minimum offer values to be set so the owners don’t get flooded with offers
    4. Create Items that owners can purchase to give bonuses to the buildings. This is already somewhat in the game with salad providing a speed and quality bonus when used by players. But instead allow the owners to invest in such a bonus. This allows for greater competition between plot owners rather than relying solely on user tax. Some other bonuses could be bonus material return or buffs to characters after using the building itself, minor speed buff to get around town, carry weight increase for 2-3 min etc.

    The last and most important piece is, how will players acquire buildings from plot owners?
    This is solved with implementing a Tax Lien Auction system, again like in the real world. If you as the owner do not pay your property tax then a lien will be issued on the property. At this point the owner will have to pay the property tax with Interest to maintain the property. This lien is where the player base can come in and bid for ownership of the Lien.

    For example:

    Owner does not pay 1,200,000 property Tax
    Lien is issued for 1,200,000 with an interest rate of 25%< owner is now liable to pay this
    The potential buyers will bid on who is willing to accept the lowest interest starting at 25% and and move down in increments till there is someone willing to accept the lowest interest rate. The winner of this bid has to pay the 1,200,000 silver and wait 2-3 days for the owner to pay off the lien plus the original starting interest. Which in total would be 1,500,000 silver paid by owner to keep the plot. Let’s say the lien buyer won it at a 10% interest. This player would receive their initial 1,200,000 + (10%) 120,000 silver as profit. The system will eat the difference in payment as a gold sink.
    If the owner can not or does not pay the lien + interest in full then the property will default to the lien holder free and clear!

    DISCLAIMER: All numbers used are for example and most likely require much higher figures to be an effective in game mechanic.

    This system places the responsibility on the plot owner to manage their funds and plot correctly while providing a way for smaller players to make a return on paid off liens while also creating a path for the acquisition of the plots themselves all while creating greater more fulfilling and complex interaction between players and buildings and removing the Hostile nature of the current auction system and protects the player base from being strong armed by the large pockets of gold sellers.

    As I’m sure some of you are aware that I was the Head of Ventures for the Iron Bank. I would like to state that we end our days playing Albion with 9 connected Caerleon plots valued at over 130,000,000 silver, with an additional 110,000,000 silver in liquid assets along with another 80 million silver in gathered assets as well as paying for many of our members player Islands T3+ and millions more spent to kit our guildies. The gold farmer did not break us, But what occurred forced us to make a decision in the best interest of our guild members and founders who help raise over 1.2 million gold at launch, it is our sincere regret for what transpired during the first auctions and the past week. Gold sellers are in the game and pose a direct danger to the plot system and guilds participating. I hope that this suggestion will be taken with all seriousness and good faith that this game will be able to combat this threat.

    Thank you all.
  • Fred_the_Barbarian wrote:

    This seems like a really great way to ensure that the rich owner never loses control of his plot.
    No not at all, the whole point is to make it more expensive for the owner to maintain the plot as well as create greater competition between plot owners. With property taxes set at a high enough rate only the best property managers will be able to generate enough capital to maintain ownership of their plots while also allowing for the little guy to make profit from being paid out of the lien if the owner ends up maintaining the plot.

    We as owners shouldn't just be able to buy a plot and generate millions without actively interacting with the buildings. <<<<<< That's also why this is very appealing to gold sellers instead of running a silver farming bot they can just buy a plot.

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  • Well, let's face this:

    "For our closed beta, we have a concept in store that will change how land ownership will work. We introduce: the land auction system.


    In the Summer Alpha, once a plot of land had been bought by a player, it stayed theirs as long as they paid their upkeep. To make landownership in the game more engaging, we have changed how land is acquired and kept in the world of Albion."


    So what you just said was exactly how it was in cb.
    Then it is the problem - as long as one does not want to sell the plot - one can keep paying the property tax and owning it forever.
    For your method, it will be the dev's reponsibility to find out a best tax amount - which is not a good practice in sandbox games, where everything is supposed to be market driven.
  • You also mentioned 3 concepts:
    Gold seller
    Plot owner
    Gold farmer

    Seems like you are a bit confused with the names and concepts,
    A gold seller is not a gold farmer.
    Gold farmers farm game currency and illegally sell them for cash. This is not allowed anywhere. They live on the game - usually this is the main job and they tend not to spend a penny additional cash on the game. They will NOT buy gold and sell for silver. Instead they collect silver and sell them for real world money.

    Gold sellers buy lots of gold, sell them for silver, and sell silver for gold to earn in game profit. This is just like playing stock in the real world - those people usually have a decent job - or they might not even need a job to live a luxury life. Hence there is no way to exchange either gold or silver back into cash, those people know it, they are just playing and enjoying it. Wining plot auction and run them is part of it. So those people, if they want to join the plot market, could be plot owners.
    Generally saying, gold sellers are richer and pay more in the game.
    We all know in such a free, highly capitalized market, the richest always wins.