Fix Caerleon once and for all

    • Fix Caerleon once and for all

      As we all can feel, the Caerleon being overpupulated is serious problem for servers and more importantly for entire gameplay. My friends are outside and i cannot join then cause Caerleon is unpaseable (last 30 minutes I'm just loggin in and getting dsconneted in futile atempts to get from guild island to Murica.

      Some adjustments were made and nothing happened, stil cannot enter town from guild island (happens every day), getting disconneded by that and unable to log again (log-in > black screen > disconnect) and I can wait is someone from "higher-ups" to realise a problem and initiate server restart (what everone in outside world of Albion does not like to happen). There is no other way from guild/personal island than through Caerleon (if youhave hose isles there, what goes for majority of players I guess), same for traveling to Black Zones and back.

      Well if Caerl is a problem why dont you just instance it, having separate town for say every 100 players, so your servers and code can handle it? I can understand you want to maintain your initial idea of having one world (on sever) when all players can meet each other, but this logic only makes game unplayable. Moreover as much as it may hurt out-of-city gameplay, it may cause low to no harm for activities within city walls. Personaly I have best feeling form Caerl when the "region overpopulated" feature diables everyone else for me and nothing is disturbing me. There is no need to fight in cities (PvP is forbiden and you can have duels elsewhere).

      Just to make something clear - the game (even now) is running and guild mates that are in Murica have no rpoblem, only Caerlen is laggy and causes DC once you try to get in there (and after relloging just load Caerl and DC again). This is about game having problem.

      So stop ignoring this simple fact and do something with that. If ntohing else, than possibility to travel from Guild island to BZ (and vice versa) should help a lot. And e.g. give a chance to log in directly into Guild/personal island (if located in Caerleon) for players that are "located" in Caerleon and cannot log-in because of city population exceeding your server/code capabilities.

      I do like this game, but day after day I¨m more and more pissed off by not geting decent service for my money. And afaik this is becoming a general feeling among the players (at least EU players, not much sure about US/Asisa playerbase). Or you are waiting us to leave (we already paid, so not much of a problem for you), which would made the game lesss populated and thus solved the problem for you?
    • Yeah, I don't really get their strategy here. Is their design supposed to be after 2-3 weeks of launch, every zone/city is dead other than Red Zones, Black Zones and Caerleon (which now has to have 4 freaking loading screens to even function)?

      You can't really do anything in Blue/Yellow Zones after about Tier IV. Although If you're particularly stubborn, I guess you could spend an eternity in Yellow zones through Tier V.

      Considering I'm already gathering T6... and I didn't really put a ton of time into it... why would any go anywhere else after a month?