Farm Focus Hidden Stat?

  • Farm Focus Hidden Stat?

    There seems to be a hidden stat for focus cost of watering crops that I have been unable to find information on (my google fu is apparently lacking :huh: ). The best way I can ask to to give an example to explain what i'm asking about.

    Example: I have one character that has +41 bonus to focus cost efficiency while growing all crops (lvl 41) and +20 bonus to focus cost efficiency while growing carrots (lvl 10 carrot farmer) and +2 bonus to focus cost efficiency while growing wheat (lvl 1 wheat). Since all crops start at 1000 focus cost the carrots would then be 1000-41-20=939 but the cost to water is 655, and; wheat would be 1000-41-2=957 but is 742 when the character goes to water the crop. This is an additional 284 bonus to cost efficiency for carrots and 215 for wheat.

    When I look at the Destiny Board I do not see any bonuses from any item other than the +41, +20, and +2 from Crop Farmer, Carrot Farmer, and Wheat Farmer, even when I expand the windows to see all Rewards Summary.

    I have another character that has the Trainee Farmer unlocked and has 0 fame in Farming Harvester and her cost is 1000 focus per seed and I do not see on the Destiny Board where it indicates an additional reduction in focus cost other than the +1/+2 per level from general/specific farm levels for any farming activity if she progresses in any activity.

    Both characters are premium so that doesn't explain the difference between one char having additional bonuses and not the other. The premium also does not say anything about focus bonus for crop watering and I don't take crop yield, gathering yield, or farm animal growth rate to imply any bonuses to to the focus cost efficiency.

    :?: My question is where is this additional 284 and 215 focus reduction coming from and how is it calculated? :/ *

    *I'm looking for specific information on focus bonuses/reductions/leveling, not opinions please. In other words: if you don't have solid information or calculations to back it up I'm really not interested.