Farming and Focus Points

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  • Farming and Focus Points

    I have 3 premium characters. Each gets 10k crafting focus per day. I have 4 farm plots. I like cabbage soup, (I make mine al dente, buy mine!) I was trying to max my cabbage farming stuff by harvesting with my main and watering with my alts. I cannot continue doing this with 4 farms, even with 2 alts. So I switched to 2 cabbage farms and 2 carrot farms (200% seed return, I just water one of them and keep the farms going.

    It takes all the focus points of my alts to keep my farms running (9x800ish), if I I miss watering the plants I lose the seeds and face a huge loss buying new seeds.

    At some point I will drop the alts, and I will be stuck with one single farm plot. This does not seem right.

    Why is focus points SO essential for farming. You get zero seeds back without watering your cabbages. That is 9 times 5000 silver buying new seeds. Cabbages sell for like 100s and soup about 1500 silver on the market. It just does not add up.

    Am I missing something?

    end of rant.

    edit: Bring the servers up already, I need to water my cabbages :D :/ X/
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  • Hello Ravenar,

    I haven't grown anything other than carrots thus far. With 4 carrot farms, I use my main character and one alt to water only 2 plots, getting 36 seeds back everyday to replant all four farms. I also plan to quit using my alt once his premium wears off. I also have a pasture with 9 horses, that I use focus on everyday. I started farming first, then the next week started with a pasture. 2-3,horses first few days then 9. I built up a good supply of seeds in the beginning like around 121 extra seeds. So some days I only water one field. I use focus on the horses everyday now. Currently at level 60 crop farmer. As your crop farmer level increases, the focus cost drops. So eventually I should be able to water two fields, or one field and animals everyday with one character. Sometimes not water at all, since I build up a surplus of seeds.
  • yeah, but my point was that for every other crafting skill the focus only gives you some resource return, for farming it is very different.

    I will look into turnips and potatoes. Why are cabbages so different, bug?

    edit: yea, so missed watering some of the cabbages because of issues. I had still about half of the cabbages per plot watered. It said 40% chance of seed when I picked the. I still got one seed from the unwatered cabbages too. No idea how it works now. The watering affects the whole plot? Not just the slots that were watered?
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  • Take a REALLY good, close, look at the seeds for each plant. On all of them, it will say something like "Initial Yield", and then "Additional Yield from Watering".

    On the Cabbages (T-5) you should be getting a base return of 80%, and then an additional return on top of that of 40% when watering (for a total of 120%). With the base of 80% you should still have a chance to get a seed back even when you don't water it at all. Also, as you gain farming fame and level up the skills your cost of focus for watering will get lower and lower over time, so you will eventually be able to water all of your farm without the need for alts and additional focus banks.

    For every 100 specialization you earn through levels, the focus cost will get reduced by 50%. So at 100-spec it will cost 500-focus, and at 200-spec it will cost 250-focus for each plot.
  • @UnholyKiller thanks for clear reply. I never read the in-game descriptions :P

    Indeed on my main farmer, I am close to 500 craft focus per watering my cabbages. On one alt that barely can water them it is over 900 or something.

    It is starting to make sense.

    I would still argue that there is something wrong with the watering mechanic. It is way too easy to use the watering to boost one main farmer. If the idea was to somehow control farming alts, the focus should be spent when picking up the stuff, not when watering them.

    Oh well. I will leave it, not like they can change it anymore.
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