Pvp fame

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    • They should do something about that in my opnion. Like boost for the whole account maybe? for every 10m fame for example or something like it was in Mu Legend (beta) or similar system to ESO (points that matters for every character in game) or something that can be lost when dies also. : >

      What do You think guys?

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    • yeah cuz it was too strong

      Here they could do anything which is better designed and PLL can also loose it

      For example if Ur good fighter u can have some time Buff or something - just for being good. Not so much ofc, like 1-2 dmg percent fot specific weapon

      Or just make pvp fame to unlock something new related to weapons on destiny board
    • In all seriousness, a talked to a bunch of people who I know that are pretty hardcore into PvP games who would never post on the forums. They all are leaving because there is no real benefit to PvPing outside of getting territory for the PvE bonuses. They get better fame that is useful in PvE than in PvP. (i.e.: PvP fame is useless so why do it?)

      Of course, one of the things to mention is full loot and so on. However, you still make more money doing the other and you pretty much have to do the other to sustain your PvP until you get on your feet. It just comes down to pride and method to make less to do something you love (i.e.: more fun to PvP and make less money than Gather and make more).

      I do have to agree, especially about the fame. What's the issue with using it to increase abilities? Dark Age of Camelot made it so all experience from killing a player in a battleground went towards level progression. Players were leveling entirely through PvP.

      If it's the whole fear of people abusing it with alts, then surely something can be done with diminishing returns, hours played, K/D ratio or something of the victim right?

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