Yellow Hellgates and below now spawn in cities.

  • Yellow Hellgates and below now spawn in cities.

    Wouldn't that be nice.

    Instead of chasing hellgates from zone to zone you just enter as a team into a portal in a city for fun and a tiny bit of fame and silver (I honestly wouldn't care for either but I'm sure there is a correct number here.)

    I'll never understand why they make a game centered around pvp without someway to practice your skills without some obscene workaround. Creating a Guild to keep sieging your own Territory allowed?

    The link is to a post about a guild that bought another territory in a different guild just so they could practice GvG.

    TLDR: Hellgates are too much of a hassle. "You bro, I heard you like structured pvp, so I made it so you have to play hide and seek for the 'join game' button. Then you have to pvp before you can even start structured pvp, and if you lose you don't get to pvp."

    Also get rid of 3 second rule.
  • I havent really thought about how they would implement it but i do agree.
    Some type of group pvp training.
    Me and my friend really like doing hellgates but it gets annoying on crowded days where you have to fight 6 other players for the tag just to get into the hellgate...
    Would love some 3v3 or 2v2 pvp fights with no risk, no reward. or something in style with, pay 50-100 silver fee to que up. Kills and wins gives you tokens that you can spend on... maybe furniture? or something cosmetic.