Skill Reset Potion / Character Appearance Change

    • Skill Reset Potion / Character Appearance Change

      Hi there!

      1. Skill Reset Potion

      As you may have already noticed, a lot of players did not play the beta, but rather played this game for the first time on release. We tried out builds, spent learning points like the unknowing little scrubs we are and now our OCD gets triggered every time we open the skillboard.

      Solution: Craftable / Through gold aquired Skill Reset Potion: This potion, once used, enables you to reset a skill you already learned and refunds 1/2 of the max. spendable LP that are used to upgrade the skill once. All acquired fame in that skill is lost. To prevent abuse, skills can only be reset after a certain period of time after acquiring them. Also, the potion can only be used once every 24 hours.

      Exampe: Adept Stone Gatherer lvl 1 can be purchased with 40 LP. If you reset it, you will be refunded 20 LP. If you havent used LP at all, or spent less LP due to getting more fame that is needed, you will still get 20 LP back.

      If you still fear abuse, make it a pure cosmetic thing and let it not refund any LP.
      If you make it a cash only item, be assured that I will throw money at you. At least 11 times.

      2. Character Appearance Change

      Pretty self explanatory.

      Best regards!
    • Kinda wish fame unlocked skill points and the skill points you put into abilities and all that to level up so you could pick a little more higher lvl skills required more skill points per unlock so it scales up.

      Can split skill points into catagories too for example Combat, Harvesting, Crafting and so on.

      Tjis way they would feasably be able to offer respec options for players to switch weapons or armor without having to relevel everything