Small Guild Alliance (SGA) Looking for Small Guilds to Join

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  • Small Guild Alliance (SGA) Looking for Small Guilds to Join

    Do you have a small guild of just you and a few friends and want to keep it that way? Then we are the alliance for you!

    We are an Alliance of small guilds. We do not have a set agenda as of yet. Our primary purpose is twofold:
    1. Allow our small guilds access to each others members via the "Alliance Chat" etc.
    Have a guild of 5, but only 4 are online? Or maybe your guild of 4 does not have a healer? That's exactly the reason for this alliance. You can go to the alliance for that extra player, know he/she can be trusted, and not have to change your guild composition at all.
    2. Eventually we hope to have enough in the alliance that was can gather the numbers to do the world events that would otherwise require large guilds.
    If you would like to join our alliance mail or message SirT in game or reply here.

    We are currently based out of Lymhurst, but are open to guilds from any town joining!