Balancing the End-game

  • Balancing the End-game

    Dear AO Team,
    I have really many stuffs on the heart. Through the new update, I have several questions for you and maybe also for discussion. The changes slowly taking away the solo/small group pvp, when it is not any more possible for group of 2-3 people to hunt down single targets. The mount system, gatherer equip, T6+ mounts and speed nerfs in regular weapons lead to the situation, where gatherers on higher tier may gather without any fear - there is no real exchange between gain and danger.

    Do not get me wrong, I think it is important to protect beginners. Let's say to T3 expeditions, T3 gathering ... but after? the people should start to take significant risk (i.e. getting involved in PvP) for their gain (experiences, material, what ever). T4 should be already yellow zone, T5/T6 should be definitely red and T6+ black. However, the upcoming changes bring us on the other side. We protect T5 gatherers with yellow zone, and T6+ with pvp speed nerfs/incoming name tags/horse dismount cd/...

    We are leaving totally the open-world and killing some significant aspect in the game - solo/smallscale pvp/open world pvp (i am not speaking about GvG or ZvZ, but groups around 1-3 ppl). We have expeditions - another step away from communication/open world ... I remember, how I tried to find friends to go everyday to the open-world dungeon ... now? I can sit in the city to T6+ ... not learning anything about risk--gain ... I do not think that T4+ are beginners and should be protected - I think from T4 the ppl should be involved in the open world only and start to take the risks.

    From beginning, the AO was represented in little bit different coat as an Open-World game ... with nearly no-limits. However, this is not true any more. We are going in the steps of farm-ville and WoW. Moreover, I do not like it at all. Each person is here significant - single solo gatherer harvesting T6+ material should have significant risk, he is impacting economy, making money, making equip,... same as person who's going through the way for T8 ... his enemies or PK should have possibility to smash him (and not only when there is group of high-end pvpers and he is really stupid). Not because it is fun to kill gatherers or solo ppl in green dungeons, but because this is the way how open world really works - the profit-risk equation, where risk should be always higher than profit (we do not need to look to EvE, but for historical mother of open-world the Ultima Online).

    I agree that there should be equip limit in some zones (that the risk will be not too high). However, the AO should still stay open world and limitless as possible ... the main problems what were in the start with performance etc., were happening again mainly because the small map - and why we have small map? because we do not need big one. We can jump straight for T6+ in the city without any risk and after jump to high-end GvG / raid PvE... I do not think this is right. There should be something between and we should not with the changes kill the solo/small-scale on any level. There should be slow way to the open world for beginners and end with high risks in the T6+ to be sure get involved in PvP ... I know there is problem with ZvZ ... but this is another question and the way AO is taking is no solution for ZvZ (i.e. in EvE you can look about populated areas ... - this would be open world solution and hint to avoid zergs). I think the expeditions should be some introduction to the open world dungeons and not way how to go trough the xp's ... same as WoW - ppl do not need to interact, search friends ... explore open-world...they sit in the city and after jump for GvGs ... is this really the way how the AO Team intend it to be? if so then it is sad and against any promises they gave in the begging.

    Also, I would like to ask, why after so big alfa/beta, the AO team made that drastic changes in last few weeks without properly testing it and throw out the full AO ? In the beta before the last one, I felt ppl were more or less satisfied, we had there some problems with bugs, but this controversial change, which come in last few weeks before Full AO? I just need to ask myself why and if it was smart, as it change completely the AO.

    Last but not least, AO were represented as a "be what you wear", the last changes with the XP and level system also significantly change this promise. Thanks to the very loong travel through the weapons and armors, we are not any more able to switch and combine the items like before. I was thinking that AO will bring more skills, more variacy to the game ... however, again, the AO bring changes where we need to nearly all the time stick with the chosen line or very hardly respec. I get that this is the way how to separate no-life gamers to have everything (however they will have it anyway:D), but it is also way which killing again the promised aspect of wearing-items-identity. I think AO should add more specs, more spells to the game ... not try to slowly become "character-spec" based only in some different way.

    Finally, I would like that AO will come back to the road of Open World game ... leave the WoW, farm-ville crap (go back to the open-word PvE/PvP) ... and start with fulfilling promises - add more specs/skills/spells, create more variacy, support small-scale pvp, support risk-benefit idea of open world, etc... This might be done with give to the players more informations (i.e. suggested sort of population info about zones or kills on the world map), ... not with more and more restriction, nerfs and restricting the open world possibilities.

    Then I need to ask ... would AO Team consider it? Or what is now the mood in AO Team and which way way the AO Team would like to take?

    Why I asked? because I would like to know, If I should leave or stay ... and because I care ... just that simple it is :)

    Thanks to other people being polite and constructive. Maybe I forget something, but we can speak or?:-) and sorry for my English as I am not native speaker.

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  • Nervontuxis wrote:

    Instead of again trolling like idiots. Maybe you can consdier that perhaps OP meant more like "high tier content".
    End game content can mean that as well, not the type of content you see in linear progression games.
    Unfortunately, I didn't read all of the post because it was poorly written. That and the fact there is no real end game here. It's what you make it as someone pointed out. This is supposed to be a open world sandboxy game. Not a start and finish game. Thus, most higher tier stuff is region control, higher tier crafting, higher tier PvP and so forth.
  • Famiine wrote:

    This is supposed to be a open world sandboxy game.
    AO is far from a sandbox tbh. It's not a direct linear progression game sure, but it ain't sandbox.

    If albion online is sandbox, then runescape is also sandbox, then ragnarok online 1 was a sandbox. They weren't and Albion isn't either.

    Famiine wrote:

    he fact there is no real end game here.
    Endgame is basically reaching the top on whatever you like to do. Sure no direct "end game" but definitely low content amount in game overall, from start to max lvl.
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